Why You Should Have Your Employees’ Cubicles Cleaned

Hiring a professional cleaning service for your office is a big step in the right direction for the health and well-being of your employees. It reduces their workload and makes sure that there is a sufficient baseline when it comes to cleanliness. Unfortunately, many cleaning companies only focus on the hotspots of the office, such as the floors and horizontal surfaces. The cubicle walls themselves are often neglected. 

Why should you invest in having cubicles cleaned? Here are a few reasons why your employees and workplace could benefit from this service: 

Cleaning Germs

Your employees spend most of their eight-hour workday behind the walls of their cubicles. While a cleaning service likely accounts for the things they touch, like the phone or the keyboard, they may not account for the germs and bacteria on the walls. Because cubicle walls are often made of cloth, they can become a real breeding ground for these unwanted guests. 

If left unchecked, these germs and bacteria can actually make your employees sick. Employees might take more time off work to tend to their health issues, which isn’t good for the business or its bottom line. It is much wiser to invest in cleaning cubicle walls now than to pay for sick leave later. 

Not to mention, it will make your employees more eager to come to work if they know that they have a safe and clean environment waiting for them. 

Prevent a Dust Mite and Bed Bug Infestation

Germs and bacteria aren’t the only things that can live in your cubicle walls. Most people think that dust mites and bed bugs are limited to the home setting, but that isn’t entirely true. They could also start to call your office home if your employees unknowingly bring them into the office. The fabric walls of cubicles create a cozy environment for them to thrive. 

An infestation might manifest as an allergic reaction to the dander produced by dust mites. Dust mites can cause itchy eyes, a runny nose, cough, and more. This would lead employees to believe they are sick, though their symptoms are likely alleviated once they leave the office.  

On the other hand, your employees may suffer from an itchy rash if there are bed bugs living on the cloth cubicle walls. Neither one of the scenarios is good for business, but cleaning the cubicle walls can eliminate the problem at the source. Having an infestation of any kind is bad for everyone, so be sure to carefully clean those cubicle walls and minimize your risk.  

Cleaning Spots and Odours

Chances are that your employees occasionally take a meal at their desk instead of sitting in the breakroom. While you might appreciate their dedication to a job well done, you might not really anticipate the disadvantage of this for your cubicle walls. Food and spills can lead to stains on the fabric of the cubicle walls. Over time, these food stains can accumulate bacteria and lead to an unending cycle of sickness. 

On another note, eating food at their desk can also cause the smell to permeate the fabric of the cubicle. This can lead to unpleasant odours that linger in the office. A deep cleaning of the cubicles will need to be done to avoid these odours from infiltrating the entire office. 

Minimize Dust 

Do you notice that your employees are sneezing and wheezing more often than they used to? It could be a sign that the dust levels in your office are high, and your cubicles could be the culprit. Because your employees spend most of their days behind the cubicle walls, it is only natural that they would accumulate dirt and dander over time.

Don’t give dust mites a chance to call your office home. Eliminate their food source of dust and dander by having the cubicle walls professionally cleaned on a regular basis.  

Minimize Allergens

Dust isn’t the only thing that can accumulate in your cubicle walls. All sorts of allergens can pass through the air of your office and accumulate in the fabric of your cubicle walls. They can also call the carpet home if you aren’t as dedicated to cleaning it as you should be. Unfortunately, this can lead to symptoms of illness and allergies for your workers who spend a lot of time in the office. 

They might suffer from uncomfortable symptoms like sneezing or watery eyes, both of which can cut back on productivity. Your workers may even take more sick days, mistaking their symptoms at the office for a cold or flu. Minimize the contaminated air that your workers have to breathe in by making sure that their workspace is as clean as possible. 

General Cleanliness

It probably comes as no surprise that the walls of the cubicles in your office are subject to some abuse. They might have coffee stains, food stains, and even ink stains on the surface. While some of these stains can lead to problems with bacteria and mould growth, it is equally likely that they are just unsightly. Instead, you should have the walls cleaned to make the rest of the office look as presentable as possible for your clients and customers. 

Keep your office in good working order and make sure everything looks as good as new. Treating stains early on is a good way to improve the atmosphere of your office. It also can promote a better attitude toward cleaning cubicle walls immediately whenever a mishap occurs, helping you save money on the cost of replacing the cubicle walls later on down the road. 

Cleaning Cubicle Walls

Are you committed to the idea of providing clean cubicle walls for your employees and office? Here at Certified Green Cleaning, Inc., we have the tools and services you need to keep your office looking its best. When you are ready to try out our green office cleaning services in Edmonton, give us a call to see how we can help!