What to Look for when Hiring an Edmonton Commercial Cleaning Company

In a metropolitan city like Edmonton, life moves quickly, and busy places, like the capital of Alberta, tend to get dirty. You don’t always have time to clean or even research a company that can do it for you. But clean workspaces promote productivity and positivity; it’s what your employees need to stay healthy and energized. An ill-equipped cleaning company can hinder the success of your business, which is what makes this choice so significant. We’ve compiled these tips that will help you find a company that can handle every cleaning duty that your commercial space requires:


Ask yourself what services your business needs. Narrowing down your search will help you find a company that can meet your requirements. Consider the size of your workspace and the type of tasks you need to be performed there – it will help you assess the extent of cleaning that you require. Do you work in a building with hardwood floors or carpets? If it’s the latter, you want to find a cleaning service that specializes in fabric treatment; for the former, look for companies that offer hardwood cleaning and polishing. Are there public washrooms at the office? A commercial cleaning company that offers janitorial services may be what you’re looking for. For a city as sunny as Edmonton, you’ll also want a cleaning service that offers window cleaning, to allow the sunshine to illuminate your workplace. 


How many employees work in your commercial space? How often does it need to be cleaned? The size of your workforce directly impacts the extent of cleaning services that are required, and the frequency. For large businesses, you’ll want to select a company with the experience to handle the magnitude of this task. From boardrooms to cafeterias, there’s a lot of space for dirt and grime to accumulate. In populous areas like Edmonton, with over one million residents, you might have a big team of employees working for you. High-traffic and heavy-contact areas need special attention from a cleaning team with a proven track record. Ask yourself what you expect of the service; does your space need biweekly cleanings, or cleanings twice a week? For the biggest of corporations, you may need day-to-day service. When selecting a company, these questions should be asked at the outset so you can find a service that can meet your specific needs. 


What insurance do they have? It’s important to select a cleaning service that secures its employees with insurance; after all, if any of your company’s equipment is damaged or lost, you want to know that it will be covered. Edmonton has a booming software development and high technology industry – which means there are a lot of expensive computers lying around. Protect your company’s assets by selecting a service that is fully insured.


Are they environmentally friendly? The beautiful city of Edmonton is framed by the North Saskatchewan River; keep this body of water healthy by enlisting a cleaning service that uses green products. This city also features protected spaces like river valleys and public parks that are home to bison, deer, and birds. By choosing a green cleaning company, you will keep these important habitats thriving. Other than looking out for the planet, environmentally friendly techniques are more considerate of your employees. Many people are sensitive to the harsh chemicals used in traditional cleaning products, especially those with respiratory issues. If any pets are wandering around the office, they could get sick from these products,too. Green products do not contain toxic chemicals that could harm those in your commercial space.


Are they reputable? To answer this question, you’ll need to do some digging. Online reviews are a telltale reflection of the competency and quality of a cleaning service. Or, you can ask other Edmontonians what their experiences are so that you can find a company you can trust. Find references you can verify to narrow down your search. Edmonton is a friendly city, so you’ll be able to find a cleaning service that is reputable, honest, and reliable. 


What is their price point? Since this capital of Alberta enjoys lower taxes, no PST, and the highest average household income in Canada, you may be able to afford a decent cleaning budget. When it comes to cleaning, you get what you pay for; a very inexpensive price can indicate the quality of service that a company provides. Consider the extent of services you need and the frequency; most businesses will be willing to negotiate their prices to a point. Factor in that the quality of cleaning will be reflected in the price tag, so you may need to budget more for top-notch service. 


Do they provide cleaning products? Some companies bring their products and tools for the job, while others require on-site materials. You may be dissuaded by the inconvenience of having to go to the West Edmonton Mall to purchase supplies on your own time. This is something to consider before hiring a company – you don’t want them to arrive on the first day empty-handed. 


Ask about their process. To have a better understanding of the services that are offered, ask the company, in detail, about their cleaning procedure. Canada’s Festival City has no shortage of activities – save yourself precious time by ironing out the details before your cleaning crew arrives. A trustworthy service will be able to explain what they’ll provide task-by-task. If they can’t, you might want to consider spending your cleaning budget elsewhere.

Certified Green Cleaning offers commercial cleaning in Edmonton. Contact us today and we’ll keep your workspace sanitary and safe using our environmentally friendly products and techniques.