What Is Involved In End Of Lease Cleaning?

Finally, you’re out of that year-long lease that seemed to drag on forever. You’re ready to up and leave the apartment when you remember that the end of lease cleaning still needs to be done – otherwise, your landlord will not return your damage deposit. Before your apartment is inspected, you’ll need to go through every room, corner-to-corner. That’s why it’s best to move out all your belongings before you begin. We’ve put together a comprehensive list of what the cleaning job will involve:

The equipment: Never show up for a day of work without the right tools. Break out your broom, mop, and pail, because you’ll be cleaning a lot of floors. Grab a duster for those hard-to-reach places, and a cloth to use with hot soapy water. Cleaning detergent is a must, as well as bleach to remove hard stains. If your place has carpet, then you will need a carpet cleaner too. Paper towels, window cleaner, and sponges should also be used.

The kitchen: Get ready to put in some elbow grease for this area. Start off your cleaning with the room that will take the most time – after all, it’s where you probably created the biggest messes. Surfaces and crevices in the kitchen are full of grease, food bits, and stains. Your landlord will expect the oven and stovetop to be completely cleaned; if you’re lucky, the oven has a self-cleaning feature. But if not, you’ll need a product for oven cleaning, specifically. Use the edge of a knife to remove sauces from the stovetop. Using window cleaner, wipe out the insides of the microwave, dishwasher, and fridge. 

The bedroom & the living room: Take a roll of paper towels and window cleaner to make those glass panes sparkle. Then, use a wet cloth to remove dust from the blinds. Clean the dust from the light fixtures, and wash the walls using hot soapy water. If there are any smudges on the walls, you can use a magic eraser to remove them. To reach the cobwebs in the ceiling corners, use a duster with an extendable arm. 

The bathroom: No one appreciates a dirty bathroom, so take your time with this task. Use a bleach solution and a brush on the toilet bowl to make it sparkling white again. Scrub off leftover toothpaste from the sink basin and polish those taps until they sparkle. To remove soap scum from the shower, you will need to use a solution with baking soda and white vinegar

When you go through all the work of moving, the last thing you probably want to do is clean. Your landlord will only return your damage deposit if they find the cleaning to be up to their standards. They will look for any reason to keep the deposit if they can, so they’ll be especially scrutinous. Why leave it up to chance? By hiring cleaning companies in Victoria, you’ll know that the job is done well. At Certified Green Cleaning, we’re proud to offer thorough and environmentally friendly cleaning services. Once our technicians are done, your place will look cleaner than it did before you moved in!