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Toronto is the ultimate destination in Canada for culture, art, music, and theatre – not to mention business. Certified Green Cleaning is proud to offer our services in Toronto, Ontario; the largest city in Canada. This city is known internationally as one of the most multicultural cities in the world. It’s the fastest-growing city in North America, home to Canada’s main financial and commercial centres. It boasts a rich metropolis paradise, with sleek skyscrapers and high-rises that tower over the city. But there is more to Toronto than the urban city streets – it’s also close to some of the most beautiful sights that this country has to offer, from the breathtaking Niagara Falls to the great Lake Ontario. This city is a world leader in areas like entertainment, culture, and technology. For a place as diverse as Toronto, we offer cleaning services to suit your every need. Our cleaning solutions don’t use harmful chemicals or pollutants, so you can trust that you’re keeping your city clean and green.

Commercial cleaning in Toronto

The architecture of Toronto is as diverse as its population. It is home to a rich mix of styles from different eras that speak to the city’s historic roots. Certified Green Cleaning offers commercial cleaning in Toronto. In a city with so many attractions, from the CN Tower to the Toronto-Dominion Centre, it’s important to keep public spaces clean. Our cleaning technicians handle the dirty work so that you can get back to achieving your goals. Attractions like Canada’s Wonderland are high-traffic areas full of exciting rides and souvenir shops – but without commercial cleaning services, it would be full of garbage! Cleaning services are essential to keep your business looking properly clean, professional, and ultimately safe. Whether it’s a public transport bus or a private office space, our technicians will take the time and care to provide your business with a spotless cleaning service.

Cleaning Services
Cleaning Services

Apartment cleaning and house cleaning in Toronto

For professionals and families alike, Toronto is the ideal place to live. From Old Toronto to Rosedale, we offer residential cleaning services all across the city. The styles of Toronto’s housing districts are as varied as its population – from Victorian character houses to trendy and sleek newly-developed condos, Toronto celebrates diversity. At Certified Green Cleaning, we tailor our services to your needs. We clean houses, apartments, condos, and more. Whether you reside in a classic character home or a modern high-rise condo, our cleaning technicians will make sure that your space sparkles. We offer cleaning services that are safe for all households. That’s because we only use green products, which means that if you live with an elderly person, children, pets, or someone with respiratory issues, you can trust that our technicians will clean your home with the utmost care. Green cleaning means that no harmful pollutants or toxic chemicals are used, but that doesn’t mean we compromise the quality of our service. Our products offer a natural solution for those seeking a deep clean without the deeply worrying side effects. We’ll make your house, apartment, or condo sparkle, all while saving you from the harm that comes from using toxic cleaning chemicals.

Janitorial cleaning in Toronto 

In a city as happening as Toronto, who has time for the small stuff? Stocking supplies like soap, toilet paper, and fresh linens is something best left for our cleaning technicians. Certified Green Cleaning offers janitorial services for all types of businesses so that you can focus on your work. Toronto has a wide service sector, from real estate to education to retail and tourist destinations. Our janitorial cleaning services will make sure that your business has everything it needs to keep on bustling. Janitorial services are essential for all areas of business. Whether it’s a comedy club or a high- end restaurant, everyone needs their floors swept, their toiletries stocked, and their chairs disinfected. You can trust that our technicians will provide quality janitorial service because we understand what a business needs to operate smoothly – a clean, healthy environment that’s stocked with all the essentials.



Green Cleaning

Is there a sight more astounding than the flowing Niagara Falls? Toronto isn’t all skyscrapers and concert halls – it is also not too far from Niagara Falls, one of the most iconic sights in Canada. The metropolis is home to picturesque landscapes, the sights of which are enough to take your breath away; just look at the scenic Lake Ontario, a body of water that’s rich with biodiversity, and contains a variety of fish and coral reefs. Offshore from the downtown district are the Toronto Islands, which are surrounded by the sparkling great lake. The Toronto Zoo is home to a diverse array of animals. On the outskirts of the city are fields of the best farmland in Canada, with rich sedimentary soil and ancient rocks of the Canadian Shield. The city is also a centre for many parks and green spaces, such as Toronto Island Park or the Edwards Gardens. It’s important to us at Certified Green Cleaning to only use products that are safe for the environment. By doing so, we ensure that the natural beauty of the planet is preserved for generations to come. Green products keep the water healthy and the land growing. To help keep the natural beauty in Toronto healthy, hire Certified Green Cleaning – we only use products and techniques that we know are safe for the environment.

Office Cleaning Services 

Toronto is a bustling metropolis. The vacancy rate of office buildings in Toronto is estimated to be only 1% – which means there are a lot of office spaces to clean! It houses the largest media market in Canada and contains iconic office buildings like Sun Life Financial Tower and The Well. These colossal office buildings are no small task to keep tidy, and here at Certified Green Cleaning, we are up for the task. The size of these office buildings is immense; towering skyscrapers loom over this busy city. Keep them spotless and sanitized by employing our office cleaning services. Cities like Toronto don’t sleep – and they certainly don’t let a messy work area get in the way of their goals. A clean office space promotes productivity and harmony. By hiring our office cleaning services, you will ensure that your business is operating at maximum efficiency. Certified Green Cleaning keeps office spaces clean so that employees feel enabled to be productive and efficient.








Emergency Business Cleaning 

Let’s face it: in Toronto, no one really has the time to handle emergency cleaning disasters. At Certified Green Cleaning, we understand that accidents happen. If you need something cleaned fast and efficiently, contact us about our emergency cleaning service. Our cleaning technicians are ready to help you with any last-minute disaster that you may encounter. Floods, fires, and sewer back-ups; these unfortunate accidents can happen to anyone. Certified Green Cleaning can save your day so call us to handle your problem. Leave it to the professionals! We have the tools, techniques, and the time to take care of any emergency cleaning situation, even on short notice. Day or night, we have cleaning technicians who are ready to tackle the aftermath of floods, fires, sewer disasters, and more!