Top 4 Benefits Of Hiring Office Cleaning Services

Your employees spend dozens of hours in the office each week—if you invest in services to keep it clean, they are sure to notice (and they’ll definitely notice if you don’t). For your employees to produce high-quality work, you need to hold the office to a high standard of cleanliness. The best way to accomplish that is by hiring a cleaning service. But how can a sanitary office improve your business?

  1. It’s a more efficient use of your resource. If you do the office cleaning yourself, then you’re wasting valuable time and money that could be put toward more important matters. Hiring a cleaning service means that you’ll be paying trained professionals to completely and properly disinfect your workspace. Let’s face it: at the end of the day, the last thing you want to do is to clean the office. Give yourself a break and hire a professional service instead. Schedule the services after your employees head home for the day so that their work is not interrupted.
  1. A clean office promotes productivity. As a business owner, your ultimate goal is productivity. Findings from multiple studies confirm that a cleaner office is a more productive one. Clutter and dirt will make it harder for your staff to focus on their work. During a long day, your employees will be distracted by anything amiss; their attention span may run short near the end of the day, and the main thing on their minds may be what they’ll be having for supper. But with no visual clutter to cloud their brains, they’ll have an easier time concentrating. Investing in a cleaning service can pay off by improving the work performance of your employees. 
  1. Your efforts will boost employee morale. When a staff member returns from a long weekend, they might be dragging their feet through the door—that is, until they see how the floors sparkle and the windows gleam. They’ll feel valued when they notice that their employer has taken their health and safety seriously. Now, imagine the opposite scenario: an employee enters the office and finds that the surfaces are dusty, the trash is smelly, and the floors are dirty. When they sit at their desk, they might start looking for jobs elsewhere. A clean office that smells fresh will reduce worker dissatisfaction. 
  1. It makes the office safe and healthy for everyone. With COVID-19 at the forefront of our minds, cleaning has become essential in public workspaces. Your employees will have fewer sick days when the office is cleaned regularly. Germs from viruses can linger on surfaces, especially high-contact areas like coffee pots, computer keyboards, and boardroom tables. A professional cleaning service can apply a disinfectant to eliminate bacteria from the workspace. To protect your staff from viruses and diseases, schedule a cleaning service at least once a week.

When your office is clean and sanitary, it will benefit the health of your employees and their productivity, which will benefit your business’s success. For commercial janitorial services in Edmonton, contact Certified Green Cleaning. We only use products that are safe for the environment and people. If you’re looking to disinfect your office with eco-friendly products, give us a call.