Commercial Cleaning and Janitorial Cleaning Services in Thunder Bay Ontario

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Commercial Cleaning.

If you have a commercial space that needs cleaning call us today. 

Apartment Cleaning & House Cleaning.

Do you have guests coming over? We bring all our own supplies. 

Janitorial Cleaning.

We provide regular scheduled janitorial services to any business

Green Cleaning.

We can provide green cleaning services, using eco-friendly products, safe for kids and pets.

Office Cleaning.

Is your office dusty, is garbage piling up? We can help, call us today to get your office cleaned.

Emergency Cleaning Service.

Sewer backup or break in? Guest coming over on short notice?! We can help with any emergency.


Certified Green Cleaning is now in 


Thunder Bay!

Thunder Bay is a city that is known for its natural beauty, from its sloping hills to the large bay after which it is named. It’s characterized by rocky landscapes, sprawling forests, and pristine lakes. Are you looking for cleaning services in Thunder Bay, Ontario? Certified Green Cleaning can help. We offer services that will make any space sparkle, without using cleaning products that damage the environment.

Commercial cleaning in Thunder Bay

Thunder Bay is home to the largest grain storage facility in Canada, and in all industries, from agriculture to health care, cleanliness is very important. By hiring Certified Green Cleaning, you can trust that your commercial space will be sanitized and safe for everyone. Certified Green Cleaning offers commercial cleaning in Thunder Bay.

Cleaning Services
Cleaning Services


Apartment cleaning and house cleaning in Thunder Bay

Thunder Bay is a sunny city – let us make your home shine as brightly as the sun! Our green products are safe to use – even in households with those who are vulnerable to the harsh chemicals that other cleaning companies use. At Certified Green Cleaning, you can trust that your home will be safe for pets, children, elders, and those with respiratory issues.

Janitorial cleaning in Thunder Bay

From Port Arthur to Fort William, Certified Green Cleaning offers janitorial service all across the city. We’ll stock your supplies so that you don’t have to sweat the small stuff. From soap to toilet paper, our cleaning technicians will ensure that your commercial space has a complete stock of all the essentials.




Green Cleaning

Can it be called “cleaning” if the products that are used make the environment dirty? The Sleeping Giant is one of the most iconic sights in Thunder Bay, and at Certified Green Cleaning, we understand the importance of maintaining the natural beauty of this landscape. Our priority is not only providing top quality service – but we also care deeply about the planet and only use products and techniques that are environmentally friendly.


Office Cleaning Services 

Make a professional impression on clients by hiring Certified Green Cleaning to sanitize your office building. Both customers and employees will appreciate a sparkling workspace. It will also help to boost productivity by eliminating any messy distractions.









Emergency Business Cleaning 

The future is unpredictable. Pipes freeze, sewers leak, and who has the time for that? When worse comes to worst, Certified Green Cleaning has your back. We’re ready to help with any emergency cleaning services that you may need.