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A green home isn’t as complicated or tough as it might sound. Make a habit of these few ideas and make your home greener and cleaner for you and your family!

Investing in a home is one of the most crucial decision one must take; the next crucial decision will be to make sure you invest in ensuring a green environment for the family. Over time, eco-friendly homes not only save you money, but also protects the environment which means the next generation and those unborn can enjoy a fresher air and cleaner.

An eco-friendly, green and environmentally friendly space doesn’t have to be expensive and definitely not only about putting up solar roofs and sandwiched window panels. It can be affordable and most importantly DIY friendly.

Here are some quick easy ideas to making your home eco-friendly and green:

  1. Turn off unused electronics: From microwaves to coffee makers, laptops and TV, electrical appliances that are connected to power outlets can continuously draw energy long after you leave the room. Simply make sure you unplug the devices that are not frequently used right after you use them. It will not only save you some energy bill, but will also prevent the device from unnecessary heat and wear and tear.
  2. Cold Wash and hang drying clothes : Most of the energy used at home is used to heat up water. Water to take a shower, to do the dishes or laundry. You can lower your energy use by simply washing with cold water and hanging the cloths to dry hence saving energy in heating up the water as well as using the dryer to extreme.3
  3. Using Microwave: It might come as a surprise, but there is more to what a microwave machine can do. It uses less energy as compared to stove tops and ovens. It has also been known to cook some certain meals faster than in a pot. Microwaves are at least 50% more efficient than conventional heating methods. Don’t forget to unplug it when you are done!4
  4. Compost the waste: This tip will be more beneficial to home owners. Turning all food and organic waste to compost and healthy food for the soil will be most fulfilling. You can begin with reducing the amount of garbage you have to deal with in your rounds to the garbage bin and turn it into useful products way greener than just recycling and segregating. This one great way to Create a homemade compost bin for $15.
  5. Using cloth totes and Bags more: Having cloth bags is a win, not only do they hold better and last longer, they also are better at composting or degrading when their time is done. Investing in cloth bags and totes is a good option and they are quite affordable. Some options for getting to it – Flip & Tumble. Or, make your own—they’re insanely easy.
  6. Using green cleaning products: We mentioned in our previous blog post on cleaning products that using chemical agents and products can harm us as well as our household and eventually the environment. Choosing greener products and products with lesser chemicals in them is better for both the environment and your personal health. So next time you are going to tackle a big mess, stick to the eco-friendly products or your own DIY household cleaners. 
  7. Plan your errands and trips – Use public transport: Planning your trips and errands can be more effective in getting you to-dos done. It can also help make the environment greener. As opposed to driving back and forth, why not take up cycling, walking or using the public transportation system.
  8. Donation – pass it on: It might be time to visit the local thrift store or the donation box to donate things you are bored of or have grown out of using.  Decluttering Is a really good tool to create a safe, green and eco-friendly space. This might also be a good opportunity to pass that item unto another household.

At Certified Green Cleaning Inc.- We aim to ensure only green cleaning products and solutions are used to carry out all your cleaning needs. Our products are eco-friendly and easily bio-degradable. A clean home and surrounding will make us all healthy – both mentally and physically.

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