The future of Cleaning and Janitorial Services in a post-pandemic World


Cleaning is an essential service, now, more than ever


Life after the global pandemic will never be the same, nor it should be. But why?

Every crisis brings change and evolution in several aspects of our lives. On one hand, the economy suffered, but today both the economy and technology have taken a giant leap forward. On the other hand, a crisis like the one we are facing brings people closer. We have seen compassion and empathy more than ever around the world.

Assessing and eradicating health risks has never been more important. Mitigating the threat of contracting COVID-19 and passing it on to loved ones, staff, customers has become a daily struggle in the daily lives of all of us.

Our hygiene habits have changed. We are more careful with the products we use. Approvals and Certifications are essential. And if we’re looking for that security in relation to products, why don’t we look for the same security when it comes to cleaning services?


Professional cleaning in the past was seen as a negotiable service, where often the service with the lowest price was the most sizable.

Not today. The quality level of cleaning and disinfection results, certifications and training, and the history of cleaning service providers are the characteristics most taken into account.

Cleaning became an investment.

Businesses are seeing professional cleaning as a value to be added to their staff’s daily lives. And it has used this argument as a way to bring its teams back to the offices, ensuring everyone’s health and safety through professional cleaning.

Professional cleaning in Calgary is an investment that benefits overall well-being of your staff, your family and friends, your clients, and our community in general.

Certified Green Cleaning has been leading the cleaning market since 2004 with certified technicians that are trained and evaluated routinely.

Our products are approved by Health Canada for use in COVID-19 prevention and daily cleaning of all environments. For every need, we have an ideal solution and are available across Canada.

Get in touch and keep your employees, your customers, and everyone around you safe.

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