The fight against COVID-19 and the Fogging Machines

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A year ago we were surprised by a new, threatening and invisible virus that destabilized our economy and changed the way we live.
Today, we have developed some solutions to deal with the threat. Although they are not definitive, they are very effective.

Fogging machines have entered the fight against viruses and are now part of the daily life of schools, daycares, hospitals and clinics, gyms, restaurants, libraries and museums, offices of all sizes, retail and wholesale stores, car rental and any place where there is a turnover of the presence of people.

We do not want to contract the virus. We don’t want other people to get the virus.

We have washed our hands, we have used masks, we all have hand sanitizer at home, in the car, on the table and we have kept social distance from each other. But is that enough? And what about the surfaces? The high touchpoints?

This is where this great ally comes in.

The technical aspects of fogging machines vary between models, but there is a model for each situation or business.

Combined with CGC Disinfectant you save time and money.

Count on us in this fight against the virus! #inthistogether

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