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As a technician for Certified Green Cleaning, you won't be a franchisee, you will be a partner!

What makes Certified Green Cleaning a leader in the cleaning industry?

Established in 2004, Certified Green Cleaning continues to provide quality cleaning services that are organic and safe for our clients, offering the latest in environmentally-friendly cleaning solutions.

We are a privately owned and operated national commercial janitorial service provider. We have expanded across Canada over the past decade, establishing our reputation for being an environmentally-friendly quality service provider with an economical pricing structure.

Certified Green Cleaning has expanded through customer referrals and relationships. We know our business and we have dedicated our efforts to create efficient systems of cleaning using environmentally-friendly health conscious products and supplies. We are a trusted brand in our industry and we work with governments, universities, schools, hospitals, sport facilities and so many more.

Cleaning Services

Training and support 

Video tutorial and training videos

We offer a step-by-step guidance program to help you learn our industry. Getting started has never been easier and you can start to learn the business from the comfort of your living room.

On-call support

No matter what time of day you need assistance we will to support you. Direct calling support can help motivate and solve issues you may have as a new business owner. We are here to assist with any questions you have.

Feedback and support

Certified Green Cleaning provides customer support and communication with our customers and technicians. We will assist with any questions or issues that arise. Our customer care team will provide a bridge of communication between clients and technicians.

Referral program

Job Offer Sheets

We are known in our industry for providing the leading technologies and environmentally-friendly cleaning solutions for our clients. Our network of organizations who trust our brand allow us to expand and offer new job opportunities. These jobs are issued to our technicians in each area for a set price issued as a “Job Offer Sheet”. All details relating to the job (eg. location, contact, price, etc.) will be specified on the job offer sheet.

Custom flyers

As a technician, you will be able to track your own sales through our referral program. Our flyers are custom printed for each of our technicians so that you will be able to track which new sales are a result of your flyers (if you choose to distribute flyers). You will also have the option to refer friends and earn a “referral fee” for contributing to the growth of the company.

What’s included:

Technician Package 1 (Startup Package for Disinfectant Fogging)Technician Package 2 (Complete Janitorial Package)
Money back guarantee!Image
Guaranteed monthly salesImage
Equipment and supplies packageImage
Training and supportImageImage
Marketing material to help grow your businessImageImage
Administrative supportImageImage
Training manualImageImage
Marketing materialImageImage
Video trainingImageImage
T-shirts and apronsImageImage
Hand held fogging gunImageImage
Products packageImageImage

Sales and marketing

Our leads

With the help of our marketing partnerships we generate leads which help increase sales to assist our technicians with job opportunities. Our marketing team has a successful track record which we can depend on for help to support the growth of our technicians.

Your leads

Certified Green Cleaning will provide you with marketing tools and training to assist the growth of your business. With shared knowledge of the industry, we will teach you just how easy it is to gain new clients in your region. 

Service rates

Commercial Janitorial Package
$ 15-30 per hour (average)
  • Standard Package
Residential Janitorial Package
$ 20-35 per Hour (average)
  • Standard Package
Organic Disinfectant Fogging
$ 40-60 per hour (average)
  • Base Package
Deep Cleaning and Specialty Packages
$ 50-100 per Hour (average)
  • Deep Cleaning & Specialty Packages

Payments and invoicing


We can support your business by offering our advice with questions related to payroll, taxes, workers’ compensation, or any business operation questions. Certified Green Cleaning (CGC) will provide quotation and billing services for all clients of Certified Green Cleaning Inc. Technicians of CGC submit an invoice to CGC for billing amounts set out in “Job Offer Sheet” pertaining to any job issued by CGC to selected technician.


We make paying you quickly our priority! Our easy-to-follow invoicing system will have your money deposited directly into your account within 15 days of submitting invoice for services.

Technician start-up costs

Technician Package 1

(Total Price Shipping Included)
$ 6,500 + taxes
  • Anolyte disinfectant
  • Fogging gun
  • Training
  • Marketing material
  • CGC promotional package

Technician Package 2

(Total Price Shipping Included)
$ 10,750 + taxes
  • Products package
  • Equipment package
  • Cleaning supplies
  • Training
  • Marketing material
  • CGC promotional package
  • Guaranteed sales
  • Money back guarantee