Q. What is the cost to become a technician?

A. Technician packages range from $6500.00 – $8500.00 depending on region and type.

Q. Do I need any cleaning experience?

A. No, you do not need any cleaning experience, CGC has a training program in place for all new technicians

Q. Do I need a vehicle?

A. Yes, you will need a vehicle and valid driver’s license.

Q. Will I need to start a business?

A. Yes, CGC helps you through this process with guidance and training.

Q. Can I get my own sales?

A. Yes, we encourage promoting your new business, and with the help from CGC your business will grow.

Q. Does CGC help get you new business?

A. CGC is always working to find more business for our technicians.

Q. Can you hire your own employees?

A. Yes, you can run your business your way, being hands on with your employees is the best way to run a successful business.

Q. Can I buy more then one package?

A. Yes we have many CGC technicians that have multiple packages.

Q. Do I need to pay monthly commission to CGC?

A. No, CGC will provide a job offer sheet which will outline the hourly rates and monthly rates that will be paid. CGC will outline amounts paid to the technicians.

Q. How do I buy your cleaning supplies and equipment?

A. CGC will provide a product and supply price list and ordering form for submission from technicians.

Q. Can I do commercial, and residential cleaning with CGC?

A. You may choose either a residential or commercial package.