We spend a considerable amount of time in our car, enough time for us to appreciate keeping it clean. Like any other cleaning task, it requires some strategy to effectively follow through and complete. Keeping your car filth-free can boost its resale value and unlike what you might think, the entire process should take less than one hour in a two-week period.

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Organize and Un-bulk.

Start by getting every loose item out of the car – garbage, recyclable items, important stuff (owner’s manuals, phone chargers, etc.). Don’t forget to check under the seats- they are the most ignored spots in the car. You can remove and dust the carpets, depending on frequency of use, you might want to give it a good brushing and disinfecting to a clean car.


Next, you vacuum. In doing this, clean between the grooves with your vacuum cleaners bare hose nozzle. Use the brush attachment and the various nozzle types to clean crevices and areas around the seats. Give your seats (and the areas around and between them) a thorough vacuuming to get as much dirt off the before applying any cleaning compound. This is a step you do first and last to achieve the best possible variation of a clean car.


Leather interiors can look luxurious and gorgeous, but they come at a price. Over time, dirt and grime become embedded into the surface, possibly changing lighter-colored leather to a dingy shade. Fortunately, a good leather-cleaning product can take care of that if consistently used. Most leather-cleaning products must be sprayed or applied to the seat and worked into the material by rubbing with a towel. Make sure to flip the towel often so that you are constantly using the clean side. Once the cleaning process is complete, dry the seats with a microfiber cloth. Allow a couple hours for the leather to dry thoroughly. Then, apply a leather conditioner to keep the material supple.

Windows, glasses and parts

Start at the top and work downward. Spray glass surfaces with a glass cleaner and use a flat weave microfiber cloth to buff out streaks and hazy/greasy spots. Any plastic surface can be wiped with all-purpose cleaners and a general-purpose microfiber cloth. Brush debris out of vents and hard-to-reach spots using old paintbrushes or toothbrush. If you have upholstery, spot clean any stains, and if you have stubborn stains, consider steam cleaning them. If they smell, sprinkle them with baking soda. As far as a process is concerned, starting with the sun roof, then windshield, and then the front windows and consoles and eventually the back windows and console will do the trick.

Disinfecting and Deodorizing

Lingering odors, especially those caused by cigarette smoke and pets, can sometimes be difficult to remove. Fortunately, there are some great odor removal products in the market including natural green odor diffusers. Before you purchase any odor-removing product, make sure to check for and eliminate the source of the smell – even the best product cannot permanently neutralize a bad odor in a clean car if the source remains.

There you have it, simple steps to get your car clean from the inside. Sure it will take some time, but the joy of riding in a clean car is absolutely amazing and calming. If you constantly clean the car interior, you can be sure to maintain the “new car” look and feel for many years. If you do follow some of our tips, take a picture of your car and tag us with #certifiedgreencleaning on Instagram, facebook and twitter.

We have talked about making homes greener, a cleaning lifestyle and cleaning products in our previous blogs. Hope you find them interesting and do let us know what things you’d like to hear about.

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