Commercial Cleaning and Janitorial Cleaning Services in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

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Commercial Cleaning.

If you have a commercial space that needs cleaning call us today. 

Apartment Cleaning & House Cleaning.

Do you have guests coming over? We bring all our own supplies. 

Janitorial Cleaning.

We provide regular scheduled janitorial services to any business

Green Cleaning.

We can provide green cleaning services, using eco-friendly products, safe for kids and pets.

Office Cleaning.

Is your office dusty, is garbage piling up? We can help, call us today to get your office cleaned.

Emergency Cleaning Service.

Sewer backup or break in? Guest coming over on short notice?! We can help with any emergency.



Certified Green Cleaning is now in 



Saskatoon is a friendly city – why not clean it using environmentally friendly products, too? Filled with fields of golden wheat, and split in two by the South Saskatchewan River, Saskatoon is the quintessential prairie city. At Certified Green Cleaning, we only use organic disinfectants that are safe for the beautiful Canadian prairies. That way, the natural features of the landscape will remain healthy for generations to come.

Commercial cleaning in Saskatoon

Saskatoon is a city known for its foodie scene. Keep your restaurants sanitized by hiring Certified Green Cleaning to make them sparkle. In a city like Saskatoon, there’s a lot to do and it’s a place that continues to grow and thrive. Business is booming – but germs and bacteria shouldn’t be. Certified Green Cleaning offers commercial cleaning in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. We’ll handle any of your cleaning needs in commercial buildings, from hair salons to warehouses.

Cleaning Services
Cleaning Services

Apartment cleaning and house cleaning in Saskatoon 

From the flat prairies to the low valleys, we offer cleaning services all over the city of Saskatoon. Certified Green Cleaning offers apartment and house cleaning in all neighbourhoods of The Paris of the Prairies. If you have children, elders, or pets in your household, fear not – our green cleaning products are safe to use in any home, even for those who are most vulnerable.

Janitorial cleaning in Saskatoon 

Winters in Saskatoon are long and cold – stay inside where it’s warm and let us do your cleaning for you! Certified Green Cleaning will help cultivate a safe and sanitized environment in any building you need, from theatres to medical clinics. Prevent the spread of viruses and diseases in public spaces by hiring our janitorial cleaning services.




Green Cleaning

No, we aren’t talking about the Rough Riders – we offer green cleaning that is safe for the environment. Saskatoon is a city known for its agriculture, wheat fields, and potash mines – that’s why it’s important to clean with products that are safe for the environment. Our cleaning technicians will use products that are as green as the jersey colour of your favourite football team.


Office Cleaning Services 

In Saskatoon, businesses continue to grow and the population is booming – all the more reason to off-load your cleaning needs to a professional. We’ll handle all the cleaning jobs that your office requires. Keep your business healthy by hiring our office cleaning services to deep clean any high-traffic areas. Our reliable cleaning technicians will sanitize the workspace so that your employees can focus on their jobs, not their germs.







Emergency Business Cleaning 

In a bustling city like Saskatoon, there are days where there’s just no time to clean. Certified Green Cleaning can help with that – on short notice, we can offer emergency cleaning services for any mess or disaster that may pop up. From sewer backups to water leaks, we can sanitize any mess on short notice. If you’re in a pinch and need a space to look flawless, fast, consider our emergency cleaning services.