Religious & Church Cleaning Services

Religious facilities highlight some of the most beautiful architecture you can find. The features of these buildings are truly awe-inspiring, from the high and decorative ceilings to the intricate panes of stained glass. Some places of worship are hundreds of years old; they’re standing relics of a time long since passed. 

But these buildings are more than pieces of history. They serve as important places in your community where people gather to worship, pray, and connect with friends and family. 

At Certified Green Cleaning in Edmonton, we’re proud to make religious institutions like yours shine and sparkle. How can our cleaning company take better care of your place of worship? Here’s what we have to offer:

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The Benefits of Church Cleaning Services

You can improve everyone’s experience at your religious building with our thorough and comprehensive cleaning services. A few of the main benefits include:


Avoid unnecessary distractions

Churches are sacred places. The last thing you want is for an untidy religious facility to distract from your service. It may be taken as a sign of disrespect. Don’t let a mess take focus away from what’s really important. 


Keep everyone safe

Maintaining a clean and healthy environment ensures that your place of worship is safe for people from all walks of life. You never know who may have sensitivities to dust, germs, or harsh cleaning products. Protect them from negative side effects by keeping your facility as clean as possible. 

Your place of worship shouldn’t be a place where people feel congested or unwell. At Certified Green Cleaning, we can use our certified green products to protect those with sensitivities. In addition, we offer every client the option to choose whichever product they prefer or trust. 

Make your religious building a safe space for all members of your community with our church cleaning services. 


Our Church Cleaning Processes & Procedures

Interested in learning more about the scope of our cleaning services? We clean religious building areas such as:

  • Entryways. The moment your guests walk in the door, they’ll take a look at their surroundings and notice how tidy each surface is. With our church cleaning services, we will dust surfaces, disinfect tables, take out the garbage, clean the glass, and clean the floors and baseboard. This ensures that you leave a great first impression on your guests.


  • Seating areas. This is where your guests sit and attend the service itself. With our thorough cleaning services, you can make their experience more pleasant. We will clean and disinfect the benches, seats, and walls. We also offer upholstery cleanings as needed.


  • Restrooms. If the washrooms are left dirty, this can lead to the spread of germs. At Certified Green Cleaning, we take disinfection seriously. We polish sinks, refill dispensers, and completely disinfect toilets and urinals. 


  • Kitchens. Sanitization is especially important in a kitchen; it prevents the spread of foodborne illnesses. When you’re preparing a meal for your community, you don’t want the food to cause any sickness. We’ll keep your kitchen spotless with our disinfecting surfaces. Our technicians will sweep, vacuum, and mop the floors (we also offer carpet cleaning services). We will disinfect touchpoints, degrease the floors, and scrub underneath kitchen appliances. We also offer deep cleanings for fridges. 

At CGC, our religious building cleaning services are entirely customizable. Choose which areas you’d like cleaned and how often. You can customize the cleaning of your break rooms, sitting rooms, main areas, and restrooms. 

We understand that your cleaning needs change from week to week. One week, you might need a wall washing focus; the next, a focus on cleaning high-traffic areas and countertops. To adjust your cleaning plan, give us a call.


About Certified Green Cleaning

As an experienced cleaning service provider, you’ll immediately see the difference that our services make. Our professional technicians never cut corners to get the job done–we clean those corners. 

With our disinfecting services, you can trust that we’ll take the time to completely eliminate germs and viruses from your places of worship. Our CGC disinfectant is Health Canada-approved, with evidence of effective use against COVID-19. 

Part of maintaining a healthy environment is using cleaning products that are safe for church attendees and the planet. We use green products made without harsh chemicals or wasteful packaging. 

We’re proud of the work we do in places of worship. Our professional church cleaning services are a cut above the rest. When you work with us, you can trust that you’re doing your part to protect your attendees and the environment. 


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How much will your worship cleaning services cost? That depends on the frequency and extent of cleaning that you require. 

On our website, you can select the services you need and receive a detailed quote. Whether you have a synagogue, mosque, pagoda, or another place of worship, our church cleaning services can help.

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