Anti Fogging Wipes (Nano)


TIO2 Mano formula infused reusable cloth

  • Easy to use – just wipe glasses and leave
  • Nano anti-fog coating on lenses
  • Do not wipe off
  • Put infused cloth back in resealable bag for next use
  • Works on all glass, polycarbonate and plastic lenses
  • Great when wearing masks and glasses
  • Last for 600 wipes or 6 months!

Crystal View XTREME is a water based TIO2 (TITAN) product, which offers a long-term protection to glass and plastic surfaces in outdoor applications against fogging (Improvement of the luminous efficiency and/or avoidance of uncontrolled dripping off of condensate). The product produces a hydrophilic and transparent film that’s only a few nanometers thick. The surface tension is increased above the air/water value, which results in a complete spreading of the condensate.

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