New study says “A Clean Space” is a really good way to get stress away

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A new study suggests that a good way to boost your moods this spring is to get cleaning!

According to the cleaning rush study, clean space gives us you an adrenaline rush and uplifts our your mood. We can therefore infer that the process of cleaning can make you feel good – body and soul

We would never initially associate cleaning as to a “fun” activity let alone imagine that the act of cleaning can serve as a stress relieving tool and it generally isn’t the first thing to come to our mind as something that can de-stress, but as per the study shows, many participants agree that a clean space provides peace of mind and a sense of control around themselves and in their environment.

This study measured the Galvanic Skin Response (GSR) and Heart Rate (HR) — both automatic bodily responses that happen without control, among study participants. While cleaning, it was observed that the changes in both GSR and HR were driven by emotional factors such as enthusiasm and excitement. This revealed that when cleaning, the resulting feeling is similar to that felt when watching a simulated, high-intensity activity or sporting event.”[1]


[2]In Winnipeg and cities across Canada we are beginning to witness the rise of the clean fit phenomenon called the “PLALKING CLUB” – The premise is a group of Winnipeggers joining forces to clean up trash while getting their exercise in at the same time.

kids cleaning – picking trash

In Winnipeg, the movement is fostered by Tom Ethans, Executive Director of Take Pride Winnipeg, he says “When you’re walking and picking up litter and you’re bending down and you’re putting it in the bag, it’s amazing how many calories you will burn — more so than if you just walked a block,”

Ethans estimates that the group would will probably collect about 50 to 60 bags of garbage this weekend. The goal is for the “Plalking Club” to hit a different area of the city for the next month or two, and everyone is welcome to join.

A schedule for future cleanups is on the Take Pride Winnipeg website.

[3]The idea is present elsewhere in the world and goes by the term of “PLOGGING”. As spring thaws and melts the snow away, there is a lot of discarded waste of winter that stays hidden in the snow and begin showing up. The activity which started in Sweden challenges people to clean up their environment while ensuring mental and physical fitness.

A few people, in and around Canada, have onboarded this idea and started personal campaigns towards cleaning up the environment.

Melanie Knight( in Vancouver has taken up a 30-day challenge to collect litter for 10 minutes every day, which she has documented on Instagram with the #10minutetidy hashtag – Knight, 33, said she discovered the plogging phenomenon on social media, and as a marine biologist and longtime runner, the concept immediately appealed to both her environmental and athletic sensibilities

Daniel Fuller, a 32-year-old trainer from Stratford, Ontario, said he launched the Plogging Canada Facebook group so Canadians could join in on the fitness movement that has been sweeping across the globe. He launched a facebook group – that has attracted more than 300 members and increasing.

As the study suggests, there is an obvious relationship between the mental and  / emotional well-being of humans and the act of cleaning / a clean environment.. We cannot talk about cleaning with relations to health without mentioning that not just should cleaning be done periodically, but it should also be done right – with the right tools and chemicals. The above studies only go to show the importance of effective cleaning, waste management and the use of  green and renewable  products.

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