Office Cleaning in Edmonton

Edmonton is a city with many booming industries, from engineering to the sciences. Office buildings are busy places – and sometimes, disorganized and dirty cubicles can prevent your employees from focusing properly. Whichever sector your business specializes in, hiring a commercial cleaner will ensure that your workspace remains spotless. A sanitary, sparkling office will enable your staff to produce their best work. It shows your employees that the condition of your workspace matters to your company. Keep reading to discover the benefits that a clean office offers your workforce:


Edmonton is not only the capital of Alberta, but it’s also the cultural capital of Canada. Edmontonians care about a classy presentation; make your office building reflective of their taste and expectations. Commercial cleaners can ensure that your floors remain spotless and slip-free. Carpets, hardwoods, tiles – any type of flooring that your office building has, we are prepared to clean it with the right techniques and products. Certified Green Cleaning will arrive with the tools to tackle any surface. We’ll work hard to sweep and polish your hardwood floors until they shine, giving your office an air of luxury. Tiles are treated carefully and washed with products that will leave a delightful scent behind; we even clean the grout between them. Carpets are treated with steam cleaners to restore their colour and softness. For any floors that your building has, our technicians are prepared to make it as clean and pristine as it can be.


Did you know that traditional cleaning products contain harmful chemicals that can be inhaled or absorbed into the skin? These toxic fumes can linger in the air long after the cleaners have left, and can increase the risk of your employees developing asthma. Cleaning agents that make your staff unwell means an increased amount of sick days. To protect the health of your workers and the environment, hire commercial cleaners that only use green products. This will help protect the biodiversity that Edmonton has to offer – created by the North Saskatchewan river valley. This winding trail of water creates a network of natural spaces, from wetlands to hiking trails. If your commercial cleaners use non-green products to clean your office, toxins are released into the environment and pollute waterways and air quality. Hiring professional green cleaners to sanitize your office with environmentally friendly products will create a safe and healthy workspace and reduce your ecological footprint.  


The people of Edmonton appreciate extravagant festivals, public art pieces, and friendly, positive attitudes; they will also appreciate a spotless office building. Consider more than your employees when it comes to cleaning your workspace, and think too of your clients. What impression will it leave on customers if they see that your place of business is dusty, smelly, and unkempt? It won’t encourage them to hire your services, that’s for sure. Create a professional atmosphere in your office by hiring commercial cleaners to keep it spotless and shiny. It will awe your clients and show them that your company is respectable, which will result in more revenue for you. Consider that while commercial cleaning does come at a cost, it has the payoff of building a better brand for your business. 


Do you need a daily office cleaner for your busy workspace? Edmontonians work hard at least five days a week; this means that an array of employees enter your building, use various spaces, and leave a trail of dirt and food splatters along the way. Our technicians will take the time to carefully clean these high-traffic areas. We treat your restrooms with extra precision; when left unattended, these public spaces can become breeding grounds for bacteria. With our services, washrooms are sanitized, disinfected, and very importantly, deodorized. 


Certified Green Cleaning cares about the safety of people in Edmonton, and we know that your business does too. For employees to return to work safely, they have to trust that your office has been completely disinfected. Only certain products and techniques are proven to kill the virus that causes COVID-19 – our technicians understand that this is of the utmost importance during these trying times. This is especially true in office buildings, where many people venture in and out and frequently touch surfaces like door handles, elevator buttons, and coffee pots. We pay attention to these details and disinfect high-contact surfaces thoroughly so that you and your employees stay safe. 


In such a busy city, most people are rushing around just to finish all the tasks on their to-do lists. This is not the approach that our cleaners take; we perform tasks with a careful eye for detail and methodical techniques to guarantee the deepest and highest-quality clean. Your office space has expensive equipment, including furniture and technology, that is costly to replace. Our cleaners take the time to carefully clean these items, from computers to upholstery, so that they are free of dust and damage-free. 


Windows in an office provide the relief of sunlight during a long workday. Edmonton, as the third-sunniest city in Canada, enjoys over 2,000 hours of sunlight each year. But these glorious rays will be wasted by windows that are clouded over with dust and debris. Our commercial office cleaning team will thoroughly wash every indoor window in your building to allow the natural light to illuminate your workspace. It will improve the morale of your employees, reducing fatigue while increasing productivity. 


Are you convinced that your office needs a deep disinfecting? Certified Green Cleaning offers commercial cleaning in Edmonton. Our trained cleaners have the credentials to make your office spotless. Call us today, and we’ll transform your place of work into a space that’s sparkling, impressive, and safe.