Medical Facility Cleaning Services

Unlike other businesses, healthcare facilities are always open. Each day, dozens of people travel through the hallways, waiting rooms, and treatment areas of your medical facility. To keep a busy healthcare facility clean, you need a cleaning company that you can rely upon.

There’s a great danger with improperly cleaned healthcare facilities. It’s known as healthcare-associated infections or HAIs. This occurs when an infectious illness passes from one patient to another through the use of improperly cleaned tools or equipment. 

Cross-contamination is a risk in any medical facility. With our healthcare cleaning services, you can reduce the risk of HAIs and improve patient experiences in your facility.

At Certified Green Cleaning in Edmonton, we understand how important it is to be precise, thorough, and diligent with every medical office cleaning. With our commitment to environmentally-friendly products and excellent customer service, you can trust that we’ll get the job done right.


Why You Need Healthcare Cleaning Services

When patients visit your facility, they’re often in a state of pain, anxiety, or discomfort. Don’t let an untidy facility add to their stress levels. The benefits of our medical office cleaning services include:


Protect your patients

People visit healthcare facilities to receive care or treatment for their ailments. But if that medical facility is not properly cleaned, those patients could end up contracting a healthcare-associated infection. 

With regular healthcare cleaning services, you can prevent cross-contamination and reduce the rate of HAIs in your facility. We use our Health Canada-approved disinfectant on surfaces throughout your medical facilities. If there is another cleaning product that you prefer, our technicians can use that instead. 


Avoid harsh chemicals

Many patients in a healthcare setting deal with respiratory issues and other sensitivities. Even after the medical facility cleaning is complete, those chemicals can linger in the air, resulting in poorer indoor air quality. 

Our fully trained technicians use the latest techniques and technologies to save you time and money. Let us know which type of cleaning products you prefer, and we’ll use them to disinfect your facility from top to bottom.


Improve the patient’s experience

Few of us look forward to getting our teeth cleaned or visiting the doctor. For some patients, the sight of a healthcare facility can induce anxiety. If your medical offices are disorganized and dusty, it will only add to their stress. With our commercial cleaning and janitorial services, we can help you make each patient’s experience a bit more pleasant.


What We Offer

We take the health and safety of your patients seriously. That’s why our technicians practice thoroughness, precision, and attention to detail with each medical cleaning service.

Our disinfectants, which are DMI registered, have evidence of effective use against COVID-19. With our medical cleaning services, we can prevent the transmission of viruses and bacteria to make your facility a safer place.

We understand that the demands of each healthcare facility are different. When you choose Certified Green Cleaning, you can customize your cleaning plan down to the finest details. Select the frequency, cleaning process, and the number of areas that you’d like cleaned. 

A healthcare facility cleaning requires a different level of disinfection; it’s not enough to wipe down surfaces with regular cleaning agents. Our technicians understand that only Health Canada-approved disinfectants will get the job done. Every member of our cleaning team is trained in the disinfection processes required for medical cleaning services.  

From daily disinfecting to one-time scope cleanings, our cleanings can be as comprehensive or basic as you’d like. We do everything from disinfecting surfaces to scrubbing floors. 


The Certified Green Cleaning Difference

Our fully-trained technicians use the latest cleaning procedures and techniques. We’re always refining our processes to ensure a more comprehensive cleaning service.  

You know it’s important to take care of your body. It’s also important to do our part in taking care of the environment. With our recycling program, we’ll recycle your used drums and totes of CGC products at no extra charge. Reduce your environmental impact and keep your patients safe with our medical facility cleaning services.

Our cleaning technicians are committed to making our environmentally-friendly solutions accessible to all Canadians. That’s why we offer our green cleaning services to locations across Canada. Wherever you are, and whatever your cleaning needs are, we’re here to help. We offer our cleaning services to all medical facilities, including non-profits, hospitals, clinics, and urgent care centres.


Contact Us Today for a Free Quote

At Certified Green Cleaning, you can depend on our services to keep your healthcare facility a safe place. We’ll create a cleaning plan that addresses the needs of your dental office or healthcare facility. From terminal cleaning to janitorial needs, we do it all. 

When you work with Certified Green Cleaning, you can customize the frequency and areas of your service. To receive your commercial cleaning quote, contact us today!