CGC Recycling Program

Sustainability is a buzzword, but do you know what it is and what actions to take?

Sustainability is about reducing the usage of Earth’s natural resources and personal resources. But how?

Saving water, thinking before printing, turning off the lights, using LED lightbulbs, unplugging power cords, shutting down computers, taking shorter showers, and reducing, reusing, and recycling.

Recycling… here is where we, as a Green Business, are taking actions.

Certified Green Cleaning in Calgary, Winnipeg, and locations across Canada are collecting CGC plastic packaging from our customers when delivering a new order and recycling these packaging for free.

Family Brand

Let's start a movement where Earth Day is every day!

CGC Disinfectant is on Health Canada's approved product list with evidence for use against COVID-19 DIN # 02511967

Green and Sustainable - Safe - Efficient - Made in Canada - Approved - Affordable.

All of our products are distributed throughout Canada.