How To Choose A Cleaning Service For Your Home

Not everyone has the time for household chores – hiring a cleaning service is the solution for a busy lifestyle. You want to make sure that you’re paying for quality, guaranteed service, after all, you’re allowing someone into your home, which can feel vulnerable. To choose a cleaning service that is reputable and reliable, consider these tips that will help you hone your search:

Ask your family and friends. If your loved ones have hired cleaning services in the past, you can ask them about their experiences. They may have recommendations or warnings about different cleaning services in your area. Online reviews are another option, but since these can be fabricated, the best bet is to ask the people you trust. If you find a cleaning service online with 100% positive reviews, they might be exceptional – or they might be using bots to leave perfect review scores. Be skeptical of online information, and when possible, rely on those closest to you.

Consider the members of your household. If you live with pets, children, elders, or someone with a respiratory illness, you may want to choose a cleaning service that uses safe products. The hazards of cleaning ingredients include skin irritation, sore and watery eyes, and/or chemical burns. Certified Green Cleaning offers environmentally friendly cleaning without harmful chemicals. Those who are sensitive will be safe in a home that is cleaned with our organic and green products.

Inquire about insurance policies. If any damage is done to your home, ask the cleaning service what their policies are regarding these instances. Companies that have protective policies may charge more per hour, but you’ll know that you’re paying for safe, insured cleaning. Remember, you are giving a stranger access to your home – don’t you want to be sure that you’re protected in the case of an accident?

Be honest about the services required. For both yourself and the company you hire, make sure you are honest about the depth of cleaning you expect. It may be tempting to tidy your house before the cleaning service arrives, to make a good impression, but this will only cause problems down the line. Be upfront about the level of detail that you desire – miscommunications will cause issues for both you and your cleaner.

Ask if they provide supplies. You don’t want your cleaning service to show up on the first day empty-handed. Before you choose a company to clean your home, ask whether or not they will bring supplies. If not, you may need to purchase a shopping list of tools and products.

Determine the rooms you need to be cleaned and the frequency. For you to be satisfied with the service you receive, be clear about what you want. Do you want bi-weekly cleanings or monthly? You may only want specific areas cleaned, like your kitchens and bathrooms, but not your bedrooms. Choose a cleaning service that will adhere to your cleaning requests.

If you are searching for residential cleaning in Kelowna, Certified Green Cleaning is here to help. Our cleaning technicians use green products that are safe for any home – and you won’t need to worry about buying supplies. Call us today and we will leave your home sparkling clean using environmentally friendly solutions.