Harmful Effects Of Hazardous Products To The Environment

In our pursuit to get rid of dirt, germs and other microscopic organisms, cleaning agents come in handy. Unfortunately, although many of these cleaners are not usually thought of as pollutants, many of them contain chemicals that are hazardous to our environment. It’s no wonder that nowadays there seems to be a new influx of organic cleaners that claim to be better for the environment. But why are these products better for the environment? To know this, you first need to know how most cleaning agents affect the environment adversely.

Contamination of the water resources

Most cleaning agents contain volatile organic compounds (VOCs) that are non-biodegradable. As cleansers go down the drain from your sinks, toilets, dishwashers, etc., they end up in wastewater facilities. In these facilities, most of the contaminants are removed. Unfortunately, some contaminants remain and over time, they build up. As they make their way to the waterways, they kill organisms that live in the water and this affects the water ecosystem. This water is also harmful for human and animal consumption. Phosphorus, nitrogen, and ammonia are some of the common chemicals found in cleaning agents that are harmful to the environment.

Air contamination

VOCs are also released into the air causing harm to the environment. These synthetic chemicals may not be visible to your naked eye, and they may not even cause immediate problems, but over years, the effect of air pollution is felt. According to scientific studies, chemicals that contain chlorine and bromine are causing ozone layer depletion. The result is global warming, and as the amount of UVB enters the earth, malignant melanoma and other health challenges increase. There are many more detrimental effects of global warming on our environment.

The chemicals enter the food chain   

As aforementioned, chemicals from cleaning agents do end up in rivers and lakes. When this happens, fish ingest the chemicals, they go to food stores and end up on our dining tables. Chemicals in the soil are absorbed by food crops. Not only do some of these chemicals lead to poor quality crops but they also end up affecting humans adversely when consumed. It’s no surprise that cancer and other diseases are on the rise.


Most commercial cleaners are not packaged in recyclable materials. Once empty, the packing and bottles end up in landfills and because these materials are non-biodegradable, they accumulate in mass quantities and this ends up harming the environment. According to research, it takes at least 400 years for a simple plastic bag to biodegrade and up to 1,000 years for a single plastic bottle to decompose.  Furthermore, while decomposing, plastic bottles release harmful chemicals into the environment. Thankfully, manufacturing companies are making packing adjustments that consider the preservation of the environment. As a shopper, you can help preserve the environment by buying products packaged in biodegradable materials. Manufacturers normally indicate this on the label.

At Certified Green Cleaning Inc., we are well aware of the terrible effects of hazardous products. That’s why we ensure our commercial cleaners in Kelowna come well-equipped with only eco-friendly cleaning products that will not just restore hygiene to your offices but also preserve the environment we all live in.