Green Commercial Cleaning in Edmonton

Edmonton, a city that is home to a million residents, is a unique place – life here moves faster than most prairie cities. Situated on the North Saskatchewan River, the capital of Alberta is known for its friendly Edmontonians, plentiful sunshine (2299 hours a year!), and lively festival scene. A city of this size contains many commercial spaces that have one thing in common: a need to be cleaned. To handle all the duties that a business requires to look top-notch and provide a safe working environment, a commercial cleaning company can help. 


The city skyline of Edmonton’s horizon is distinctly recognizable. It features skyscrapers like the Stantec Tower and Manulife Place. These iconic giants, and many others like them, need the help of commercial cleaners to stay pristine. Without them, their shining appearances would be compromised by the build-up of grime and dust. Cleaners use pressure washers to remove dirt and debris from the siding, glass, or brick exterior of a building. Lighter pressure is applied to windows so that they sparkle without cracking from the water stream. First impressions are important, and by hiring a commercial cleaner, you will ensure that your business is presented to your clients as a high-class establishment before they even walk in the door. 


Across many industries, businesses require commercial cleaning services that will meet the needs of their workspaces – the health and safety of their staff and clients depend on it. A commercial cleaner knows that thoroughness and attention to detail are what make a space truly sparkle. Duties vary depending on the scheduled frequency of the cleaning and the specifics of your building. For carpeted floors, a cleaner will first use a vacuum to remove surface-level dirt, and then use a steam cleaner to remove deep dust and germs from the fiber. Hardwoods are swept and mopped until they gleam using specific tools and products designed for this task. For tiles, cleaners will polish their surfaces and carefully scrape the dirt from the grout between them. Commercial cleaners will also clean your windows so they are spotless to let that signature Edmonton sunlight stream into your business. 


Edmonton’s Ribbon of Green is a river valley that is the longest connected urban parkland in all of North America – stretching as far as 48 km. Certified Green Cleaning understands the importance of preserving the environment. We pride ourselves on the fact that we only use products and techniques that are environmentally friendly. Doing so makes certain that rivers and parklands stay healthy and thriving. Green products offer another advantage: they protect the health of those who are vulnerable to harsh cleaning agents. Exposure to these chemicals can have harmful effects on children, the elderly, pets, and people with respiratory issues such as asthma. Your staff will appreciate knowing that they are working in a building that is not only safe from germs but also harmful cleaning agents.


It can be easy to forget about the importance of janitorial work in a busy commercial space, but without it, day-to-day operations would be hindered by constant inconveniences. Janitors are essential for changing garbage, restocking washroom supplies, and sweeping floors in high-traffic areas. A business without these services would fall apart quickly. Cleaners allow for daily operations to run smoothly.


People around the world know about the West Edmonton Mall, which is as large as a city and contains the biggest parking lot in existence. Edmonton is full of big commercial spaces that require an experienced cleaning team. These areas see a lot of foot traffic from many different people – a commercial cleaner knows the importance of regular deep cleans in spaces like these. Unsanitary office spaces and retail stores make it easy for germs to spread; it also harms the reputation of your business and causes your building to appear unmaintained and poorly managed. How can a client trust the services that your business offers if they can’t trust your location to be clean when they arrive? By hiring a commercial cleaner, you will ensure that clients are impressed by your workspace, and that staff are pleased to be employed there. A clean workspace promotes productivity and efficiency, while an untidy one can be distracting and cause fatigue and illness. 


Commercial cleaning is about more than making a space appear tidy; it also involves using the right products to disinfect all surfaces. Since the global outbreak of COVID-19, it has become more important than ever to hire a cleaning team that can properly disinfect your workspace. Bacteria that cause viruses cannot be eliminated with soap and water – they need a specific solution that is designed to kill the most resistant germs to ensure the safety of all staff and clients. In high-contact areas like washrooms and cafeterias, a commercial cleaner understands the importance of frequent disinfection. Without hiring a certified cleaning team, your business risks spreading infections and viruses that compromise the health of anyone who visits your building. 


For any business, there are better uses of your time and efforts than to spend it cleaning; leave that job to the professionals. Certified Green Cleaning offers commercial cleaning in Edmonton. No matter what industry your business specializes in, our cleaners are prepared to get our hands dirty to make your commercial space sparkle. We can handle any task, and we’ll do so using our environmentally friendly products. Keep Edmonton a clean, green city by calling Certified Green Cleaning to clean your commercial space.