Future, technology, and cleanliness

How technology is revolutionizing cleaning and cleaning standards

THE PROFESSIONAL CLEANING INDUSTRY IS CHANGING FAST. You can see this in the most diverse solutions available on the market, from machines and products that are greener – that consume less natural resources – software and mobile and tablet applications for task management, robots for the most varied functions, such as floor cleaners or vacuum cleaners and machines that use Artificial Intelligence (AI) and that are programmed with the most different functions to perform the best possible cleaning within its capacity.

vacuum cleaner robot

What is important nowadays?

Cleaning with ease, keeping everything clean without difficulties, disinfecting environments quickly, killing viruses and bacteria, avoiding any contamination (all at an affordable cost), and guaranteeing the preservation of the environment, are some of the most common responses.

Is saving time and money and still keeping everyone safe possible?

Yes, it is. Thankfully to technology, we see many products and services available on the market. But we know that many companies promise results that they fail to deliver.

How do you know if the product or service is reliable?

Looking for validations and certifications from agencies responsible for testing and approving products and services in these categories.

Technology not only favors the development of new products and services but offers an online cleaning showcase, where it is possible to search, compare and fulfill all your needs.

Whether doing it yourself or hiring a specialized company, nowadays there are many possibilities to obtain a very satisfactory result, saving financially and saving the environment. Search, compare, and ask for quotes. Pay attention to the certifications, risks, and hazards on the label of the products available on the market.

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