No matter what industry you’re in, you know that it’s important to keep your facility clean. But as the days go by, you find it harder and harder to stay on top of cleanliness. With so much to do, where will you find the time to sweep the floors or disinfect the counters?

Our cleaning services are customizable and environmentally friendly. We pride ourselves on being dependable, professional, and communicative. We use green cleaning products, so you can trust that your business is safe for children, pets, and seniors. Alternatively, we can use any cleaning product that you prefer.

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From educational facilities to office spaces, we service all kinds of businesses. 

Facility Cleaning

Facilities that we serve include:


Places of Worship 

People visit your facility to practice their religion, connect with others, and/or attend community events. A clean church or place of worship is a sign of respect. Make your sanctuary a place that’s welcoming and safe for all by using our professional cleaning services.


Gyms and Yoga Studios

In a busy gym, things can get dirty, from sweaty surfaces to water bottle spills. A clean fitness centre keeps everyone safe; it prevents the spread of germs and lowers the chances of an accident. We’ll help your customers focus on their workouts and not the cleanliness of their machines.


Retail Store

When your retail store is spotless and sparkling, your customers can pay attention to what really matters: the products that you’re selling. Boost your sales and impress your customers with our commercial cleaning services


Schools & Educational Facilities

When you run a school, college, or university, you’ve got your hands full. You’re constantly managing the needs of your students and staff. Leave the cleaning to our professionals. 


Spas & Salons

Clients visit your business to feel relaxed, pampered, and beautiful. But even though you’re in the beauty industry, things can get a little messy at your facility. You’re constantly sweeping up hair, disinfecting tools, and washing linens. We’re here to ease the burden of running a spa or salon with our cleaning services. 


Warehouses & Industrial Locations 

A messy workplace can quickly lead to hazards in any warehouse, from slippery floors to sticky machinery. Don’t let dirt and dust interfere with your workplace operations. Our cleaning services are just what you need.



All sorts of messes can pop up in an office, like coffee spills, snack crumbs, and dusty keyboards. A dirty office can lower morale and make a poor impression on your clients. Keep things professional with commercial cleaning services.


Car Dealerships

You want your dealership to look as sparkling and clean as the cars you’re selling. It’s a great way to win over clients and increase your overall sales. At Certified Green Cleaning, we can help with that.


Rental Properties

Managing a property is a lot of work. You’re constantly trying to find tenants, fix broken appliances, and keep track of rent payments. We’ll make your job a little easier with our cleaning services for property-managed buildings. 


Healthcare Facilities & Dental Offices

Cleanliness is of the utmost importance in a healthcare setting. There’s no room for error when the safety of your patients is on the line. 

Our technicians are professionally trained and highly experienced. We understand the importance of proper cleaning techniques in hospitals, care facilities, and dental offices. You can trust us for your commercial cleaning needs.


With our thorough methodology and advanced cleaning techniques, we guarantee cleaner surfaces than what our competitors offer. We’re here to help you disinfect your business from top to bottom, and keep it clean consistently. 

Do you need commercial cleaning services? At Certified Green Cleaning, we offer cleaning services that you can rely upon. We can clean your facility using our Health Canada-approved disinfectants and green cleaning products. To request a quote, contact us today.