Defining Cleaning Standards

Why is important to have a checklist for cleanliness?

A clean environment not only protects your health from allergies, bacteria and viruses, but also brings a feeling of well-being and comfort to your daily life.

Have you ever tried to work in a dusty environment? Where the carpet is dirty or scuffed? Dirty curtains and windows? Sometimes you even lose the desire to eat when sitting at a dirty table in a cafeteria.

A dirty environment takes away some of the pleasure of being in that place. You don’t enjoy companies the same way, you don’t pay attention to meetings and maybe you don’t contribute as expected.

The basic standards are:

  • Unacceptable: doesn’t meet the minimum cleanliness standards
  • Meets Standards
  • Excellent: exceeds expectations

Usually what it’s see is dirt in the corners and edges of rooms and hallways, or a build-up of dust or finger marks on touch points.

However environments such as cafeterias, washrooms, change rooms, where there is a large circulation of people, more than ever, need to be clean and disinfected, as well as the touch points.

Certified Green Cleaning has developed its own training method where we educate our technicians in new methods and more efficient ways to achieve high goals of cleaning for health and well-being.

Certified Green Cleaning is a market leader that continues to evolve, presenting its own brand of disinfectant, hand sanitizer and disinfectant wipes.

Our customers have an expectation, which we with more than fifteen years of market experience, have exceeded.

It is possible to have orderly spotlessness and tidiness.