Commercial Cleaning Edmonton Medical Facilities

Few places accumulate germs as medical facilities do. For so many reasons, it’s vital to keep these spaces clean; it protects the health of patients and their families, prevents the transmission of infectious diseases, and creates a healthy work environment for your hard-working staff. In Edmonton, a city with over a million residents, preventing the spread of infectious viruses is of the utmost importance. While your doctors and nurses may be conscious of how essential cleaning is, they have limited time to do so between making appointments, examining and treating their patients, and taking in new ones. That’s why hiring the right cleaning company for your medical facility in Edmonton is important; it can be the difference between sickness and health. 

Edmonton has several major health centers, from the Misericordia Community Hospital to the University of Alberta Hospital. Educated cleaners are a must for the proper disinfection of hospitals and other healthcare centers. It ensures that your space is germ-free and disinfected from bacteria and viruses like E. coli, salmonella, or tuberculosis. Trained, experienced, and knowledgeable technicians will ensure that your medical facility is safe. Selecting a cleaning service that understands the importance of rigorous sanitization will prevent the spread of viruses.

It’s been said that communication is key; Edmonton is a city that understands this since it’s known for being friendly and has a growing media sector. The same is true when selecting a cleaning service – you want to be specific about the level of cleaning you expect of the company, including the frequency and level of detail required. Overnight cleaners will disinfect your facility after patients have left, while other companies offer cleaning during the day so that accidents can be dealt with as they happen in real-time. Certain rooms have various cleaning needs; for example, there’s a big difference between a waiting room that intakes patients, to a surgery room where an operation was just performed. Whatever specifics you require, it’s important to communicate this clearly with your cleaning service of choice.

Like most Canadian cities, Edmonton has taken measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Disinfecting with the proper cleaning solutions and techniques has become more important than ever in light of the pandemic. A cleaning company that understands the difference between sanitizing and disinfecting can be the difference between the spread of this viral disease or its successful elimination. Using products that are approved to kill viruses is essential; as such, hiring a cleaning company that understands this will keep your medical facility safe. Removing pathogens involves more than cleaning surfaces until they sparkle – it also requires the use of the right cleaning agents. 

Accidents happen. Some Edmontonians will remember the F-4 tornado that hit the city in 1987, killing 27 people and injuring many more – this bleak event is remembered as Black Friday. When someone lands in a hospital, they want to know that it’s a sanitary place. The capital of Alberta is a bustling city with so much to do, from its rich arts and cultural scene to its array of annual festivals; anyone can injure themselves while partaking in these activities. Cleaning a medical facility is a specific and rigorous process. No corners can be cut, otherwise, it can result in infections being spread to other patients. This job requires a team of experienced technicians.

Edmonton is home to over one million people that come from all different backgrounds – the city is a mosaic of culture. Many people in hospitals are immunocompromised, making them susceptible to germs and bacteria, or have respiratory issues like lung cancer or asthma. Traditional cleaning products contain toxic agents that can harm those who are most vulnerable. Choosing a cleaning team that uses green products will protect patients from these damaging fumes. Green cleaning agents provide a deep clean without the harmful chemicals that can hinder the health of patients. They’re also environmentally friendly, which will be appreciated by those who value the picturesque rivers and hiking trails that Edmonton has to offer. 

Hiring the wrong company to clean your medical facility can have dire consequences. For one, it will impede the aesthetic quality of your hospital. Edmonton is a city that appreciates art, exemplified by the glorious Art Gallery of Alberta and the West End Gallery. Its residents will be unimpressed by a shabby-looking healthcare center with dirty surfaces and unswept floors. Sub-optimal cleaning also poses health hazards when it comes to medical facilities. HAI, which stands for healthcare-associated infection, is a term used to describe infections that are spread throughout hospitals. It’s caused by lingering bacteria that result in cross-contamination between patients and can range from catheter-associated urinary tract infections to pneumonia. The prevalence of HAIs in hospitals highlights the importance of hiring the right commercial cleaning service for your medical facility. It can make the difference between patients leaving your hospital healthy, or sicker than they were, to begin with. 

Certified Green Cleaning offers commercial cleaning in Edmonton. We will meet the high standards of cleaning that are required in this industry. Our trained and certified cleaning technicians have the expertise and precision that’s required to clean medical facilities so that you can trust that you, your patients, and healthcare workers will be in good hands.