Commercial Cleaning Edmonton Auto Body Shops

Auto body shops are not usually thought of as sanitary places, but with the help of the right commercial cleaning company, they certainly could be. The advantages of a clean shop are numerous; it creates a safer work environment, improves the overall aesthetic of your business, and encourages the return of customers who will be impressed at the sparkling surfaces and gleaming vehicles. But when you are choosing a cleaning service, it can be challenging to distinguish between quality cleaners and sub-par ones. Looking to hire a commercial cleaning company for your auto body shop in Edmonton? Here are some tips to help you pick the correct company for the job: 


Select a service that is familiar with this industry. It’s no secret that auto body shops are homes to big clean-ups. From oil spills to chemical messes, these shops require a heightened level of due diligence to stay safe and sanitary. When selecting a commercial cleaning service, shop around for one that has experience cleaning auto body and mechanical stores. Knowledgeable staff makes the difference between a terrible cleaning job and one that leaves your shop gleaming. Cleaning companies with less experience may be overwhelmed at the frequency of cleaning that is required for mechanical shops. By choosing an experienced cleaning team, you can be confident that they understand the necessary procedures and techniques that this job requires. Cleaners that are trained to handle these challenges will ensure a quality job is done, and no avoidable accidents happen, like employees or customers slipping on greasy floors. In such a hands-on industry, an experienced team of cleaners will know how best to handle any situation that may arise. 


Ask around for referrals or recommendations. To find a cleaning service that you can trust, ask around to hear the experiences of other business owners in the auto body industry. Inquire with your fellow Edmontonians about whether they have hired cleaning services, specifically asking mechanical shops, so you have an idea of who you can trust. A cleaning service may tell you they’re equipped to handle this job, but peers might have another story to tell. Online reviews can be helpful, but they are also easily manipulated – asking those closest to you about their experiences is the most accurate way to find a reputable commercial cleaner.


Request a list of the products that are used. In mechanical shops, only certain cleaners have the power to get the job done. They need to be tough on grease and other chemical spills, without damaging the underlying surface. And they need to work fast – residual oil can cause an accident in no time. You may want to ask if they use green products, which will reduce your exposure to harmful cleaning agents. Auto body shops have enough chemical risks as it is; if a spill is uncleaned, employees can inhale transmission fluids or other fumes that can cause respiratory irritation and other difficulties. While traditional cleaning agents are tough on grease, they are also tough on the environment. To keep Edmonton’s river valley healthy for future generations, request a cleaning service that uses green, environmentally friendly products, and reduce the risk of adverse health effects.


Find a service that is dependable and reliable. In a city like Edmonton, business moves faster than the Light Rail Transit – you don’t have the time to wait all day for the cleaning staff to arrive. This is especially true for auto body shops, where an uncleaned mess can cause a serious accident. Commercial cleaning is a time-sensitive job in this industry. An unreliable service can cost you your reputation, as customers will be steered away by oily floors and unkempt bathrooms. Selecting a service that is punctual and reliable is essential at a mechanic’s shop.


Search for commercial cleaners with liability insurance. Auto body shops have no shortage of expensive parts, from vehicles to replacement components. It can be a site for accidents when considering all the moving gears in this industry. When selecting a cleaning service for your mechanical shop, ask whether their employees are covered by insurance or not. Uninsured cleaners will cost less per hour, but consider this: who will foot the bill in the event of an accident or damage to a vehicle? For this reason, it may be better to pay a little extra for insured cleaners – it will give you and your employees peace of mind. 


Request a quote. Compile a detailed write-up of all the cleaning services that you require to receive an accurate quote of the cost. You can shop around and compare the different price points offered by various services, but remember that when it comes to cleaning, the least expensive option is not always the best, especially in a mechanical shop. An inferior sanitization job will result in slippery floors and greasy surfaces. Consider adjusting your budget to meet your expectations.

Keep these tips in mind when shopping for a commercial cleaner for your auto body shop. If you are searching for experienced technicians to scrub your mechanical store, call Certified Green Cleaning; we offer commercial cleaning in Edmonton. Our staff uses environmentally friendly products to provide regular deep cleanings for auto body shops. We have the experience to handle the toughest jobs around, from ensuring your floors remain non-slippery, to removing all residue of grease and transmission fluids from your surfaces and merchandise.