Cleaning and Disinfecting Your Facility

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The virus that causes COVID-19 can land on surfaces. People can become infected if they touch those surfaces and then touch their nose, mouth, or eyes. For this reason, cleaning and disinfecting surfaces can also reduce the risk of infection. 

The spread of the virus that causes COVID-19 and the spread of germs can be avoided using the same certified and approved products and cleaning techniques.

If there has been a sick person or someone who tested positive for COVID-19 in your facility within the last 24 hours, you should clean AND disinfect the space.

Disinfecting (using disinfectants that are approved by Health Canada to be used against COVID-19) kills any remaining germs on surfaces, which further reduces any risk of spreading infection. CGC Disinfectant is on the approved list – DIN#02511967.

To receive clients and staff back to work, you should consider cleaning more frequently your facility or choose to disinfect (in addition to cleaning) in shared spaces if the space is a high traffic area or if certain conditions apply that can increase the risk of infection from touching surfaces (if there is still a high rate of COVID-19 transmission in the community, if some employees, suppliers or clients might not be vaccinated, and infrequent hand hygiene).

Create a routine for cleaning and disinfecting. We can help you with it!

Develop your plan. What needs to be clean? How often? Using what materials?

And remember, the more people who touch a surface, the higher the risk.

Prioritize cleaning high-touch surfaces at least once a day. If the space is a high traffic area, or if certain conditions apply, you may choose to clean more frequently or disinfect in addition to cleaning.

Certified Green Cleaning Technicians are trained in the latest techniques to provide the best service without wasting time and resources.

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Clean high-touch surfaces at least once a day or as often as determined is necessary. Examples of high-touch surfaces include pens, counters, shopping carts, tables, doorknobs, light switches, handles, stair rails, elevator buttons, desks, keyboards, phones, toilets, faucets, and sinks.

Protect yourself and your staff. Use approved products and the required PPE (if necessary) additional ventilation, or other precautions.

Wash your hands frequently or use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer that contains at least 60% alcohol. CGC Hand Sanitizer’s active ingredient is Ethyl Alcohol 73% – DIN#80098805.

Disinfecting Safely


You can choose to use a product that can do both, clean and disinfect. Check the label and always follow the instruction on it. Do not mix products or chemicals.

Use a disinfectant product from Health Canada list of approvals. 

It’s important to consider cleaning and disinfecting of surfaces such as carpet, rugs, and drapes; laundry; electronics such as tablets, touch screens, keyboards, remote controls, and ATM machines and High-touch surfaces in outdoor areas such as grab bars, play structures, and railings.

Additional tips: Educate workers to recognize the symptoms of COVID-19; develop policies and train your staff in preventive measures; and comply with provincial rules and regulations.

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