Car Dealership Cleaning Services

In the auto dealership industry, there are high standards for cleanliness; you need the floors to be as shiny as the cars you’re selling. A dirty showroom might throw the integrity of your business into question. What if a customer notices unsanitary conditions and thinks, “Can I trust this car dealership to sell me a top-notch vehicle if they can’t keep their business clean?”

With our commercial cleaning services, you can make a great first impression on all your clients. Stage your showroom for success with our car dealership cleaning services.

The cleanliness of your facility is a representation of your company. You want to show your customers that you take the condition of your business as seriously as the condition of your vehicles. With our green cleaning services in Calgary, we’re here to help.

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The Benefits of Auto Dealership Cleaning Services

The quality of your cleaning services matters. Not all cleaning companies will know how to effectively clean your auto business. We know how to eliminate dust and dirt without damaging your vehicles. Here’s how you can benefit by scheduling regular car dealership cleaning services:


Improve indoor air quality

When customers walk into your showroom, one of the first things they’ll notice (aside from the array of stunning cars) is the smell. Maintaining indoor air quality is important, not just for scent-related reasons but for the safety of your customers. 

Our routine cleaning services will improve the overall appearance of your business and its safety. With our green cleaning products, you can reduce indoor air pollution and prevent the side effects associated with harsh cleaning agents.


Maintain a clean business environment

Imagine that you’re shopping for a brand-new car. After browsing countless automotive showrooms, you’ve finally found a vehicle that you’re ready to buy. Before you finalize the deal, you visit the restroom and find that it’s less than impressive. The garbage is overflowing, the soap dispensaries are empty, and the surfaces are visibly dirty. Suddenly, you’re questioning whether you want to buy a car from this auto dealership.

In a bathroom, you need to maintain the highest sanitation possible. Our janitorial services can help with that. Remove scuffs from the floors, smudges from the windows, and germs from the counters with our auto dealership cleaning services. By increasing the cleanliness of your facility, you can potentially increase your overall sales. 


What We Offer

At Certified Green Cleaning, we do things a bit differently than your average cleaning company. We understand the unique cleaning needs of auto dealerships. With our years of experience cleaning these facilities, here’s what we can clean for you:

  • Floors. We can dust, vacuum, and mop the floors on a daily basis. Carpet cleaning can be added as well. We also offer weekly baseboard cleanings. 


  • Touchpoints. Certain surfaces in your business are touched more than others; for example, the handles on your doors or the cars in your showroom. With our janitorial services, we’ll clean these areas as often as needed.


  • Surfaces. You want the tables and counters in your business to be spotless. With our showroom cleaning service, you can trust that we’ll do a thorough and effective job.


  • Garbage bins. We take out garbage and recycling and clean the outsides of the bins.


  • Glass and mirrors. These surfaces can be dirtied by fingerprints, dust, or splashes from a sink. We’ll clean them regularly to ensure they’re always streak-free.


  • Restrooms. Our technicians will thoroughly disinfect and clean the toilets and urinals. We’ll also polish the sinks. 


Our auto dealership cleaning services are completely customizable; you can choose the frequency and level of detail that’s right for your business. Select the cleaning processes and areas that you need. To discuss your specific auto dealership cleaning service, contact us today.


Why Choose Certified Green Cleaning?

At Certified Green Cleaning, we know that customer satisfaction is important for your business. You’re sensitive to the needs of your customers; you want to impress them with cars that are sleek, fuel-efficient, and exceed their expectations. We’re here to help with that.

Our technicians will ensure your showroom is always pristine. We’ll keep the cars in your dealership looking brand-new. We’ll also take care of routine cleanings that you don’t have time for. With cleaning out of the way, you can focus on making more sales.

We’ll meet your cleaning expectations without using harsh detergents or leaving harmful chemicals behind. If you have customers who are sensitive to cleaning agents, you can trust that our green commercial cleaning service won’t be an issue.


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Ready to arrange your car dealership cleaning services? From carpet cleaning to janitorial services, we do it all. You can trust in the quality of our services; all of our technicians are fully trained in the latest cleaning techniques. 

Show your customers that the cleanliness of your auto business is a top priority. Looking for a quote? Contact Certified Green Cleaning today!