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Commercial Cleaning

If you have a commercial space that needs cleaning call us today. 

Apartment Cleaning & House Cleaning

Do you have guests coming over? We bring all our own supplies. 

Janitorial Cleaning

We provide regular scheduled janitorial services to any business

Green Cleaning

We can provide green cleaning services, using eco-friendly products, safe for kids and pets.

Office Cleaning

Is your office dusty, is garbage piling up? We can help, call us today to get your office cleaned.

Emergency Cleaning Service

Sewer backup or break in? Guest coming over on short notice?! We can help with any emergency.



Certified Green Cleaning is now in Calgary!

Calgary is located close to Canada’s Rocky Mountains – it’s a place of profound beauty, where an urban city meets a rich, natural environment. Known as the sunniest city in the country, Calgary is home to more than 1.3 million citizens. This region has grown rapidly in recent years, with this trend expecting to continue. It’s not only a picturesque place to live, but it’s affordable, too; in Alberta, there is no provincial sales tax. To keep up with the demands of an active business, or manage a busy family life, call Certified Green Cleaning; we offer our environmentally friendly cleaning services in Calgary, Alberta.

Commercial cleaning in Calgary

Calgary is known for its economic growth in the financial, entertainment, technology, resource extraction, and manufacturing sectors. A bustling city means that most people don’t have time to keep up with cleaning – the good news is that they don’t have to! Certified Green Cleaning offers commercial cleaning in Calgary. We clean any commercial space, from retail stores and restaurants to factories and warehouses. For deep cleans in public spaces, our cleaning technicians come prepared to tackle any mess. Whether you need your windows washed, your desks dusted, or your carpets cleaned, we provide quality service that comes at no cost to the environment..

Calgary Cleaning
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Apartment cleaning and house cleaning in Calgary 

Our cleaning services are offered in every neighbourhood in Calgary, from the Beltline to Montgomery. Whether you reside in the downtown district or a municipality on the outskirts of the city, we bring our green products and techniques to your home to clean, sanitize, and disinfect your living space. Not only are our products environmentally friendly, but they’re also safe to use in households with pets, children, and the elderly. Those who suffer from respiratory illnesses can trust that our products do not contain harmful chemicals. Our cleaning technicians will leave your bathrooms sparkling, your bedrooms spotless, and your kitchens sanitized and safe.

Janitorial cleaning in Calgary 

Extremely valuable work gets done in offices, from client meetings to brainstorming sessions. You need to be able to focus and that’s best done in a clean space where there’s no clutter to distract your train of thought. We have office cleaning services Brandon businesses can rely on. Our technicians will clean every surface from floor to ceiling, ensuring that you have a serene place in which you can focus. Don’t spend your time and energy cleaning your office; call us for a clean, green solution.Janitors keep businesses running smoothly. Let us handle the regular maintenance duties that are required in public spaces like offices and educational facilities, from sweeping and mopping to removing garbage and replenishing supplies. In a workspace, inconveniences can be a distraction. Do you have burnt out light bulbs or broken door handles? That’s no problem for us – leave the behind-the-scenes cleaning to the professionals, so that your employees can be productive, and your work can get done.

Green Cleaning

In a city as beautiful as this one, preserving the environment is essential. Calgary prides itself on its green habits and is known as one of the cleanest cities in the world. Home to the world- famous Calgary Stampede which celebrates the great outdoors, natural beauty is an important part of life in this great Canadian city. Mountain towns like Banff are popular tourist destinations, and for good reason – what beats the view from the top of the gondola? At Certified Green Cleaning, we are determined to practice environmentally friendly cleaning techniques and only use non-toxic products. Our disinfectants are organic and do not contain the harsh chemicals that our competitors use. Keep this city clean by hiring our cleaning services – you can trust that we will do our part to protect the environment.

Office Cleaning Services 

Calgary is a city full of skyscrapers; its distinct skyline is characterized by high-rise office towers that rival the surrounding mountains of the Canadian Rockies. To keep these structural giants clean, hire our cleaning services – we’ll sanitize your office space from top to bottom, leaving no crumbs or used tissues behind. Employee productivity is improved by a spotless workspace. Optimize your business by calling our cleaning technicians to regularly disinfect the surfaces of your office space.


Calgary Cleaning Services

Emergency Business Cleaning

At Certified Green Cleaning, we understand that accidents happen, and we are prepared to help

you clean up yours. Whether you experience a flood, sewer leak, or frozen pipe disaster, our cleaning technicians come prepared with the right tools for the job. In the aftermath of a fire, we are prepared to repair the damage. We’ll fix the smells and sights of an accident site, and we’ll do it on short notice because we know that life brings unexpected circumstances. Prevent any further damage, and call our emergency cleaning service when disaster strikes.