Commercial Cleaning and Janitorial Cleaning Services in Brandon, Manitoba

Our services

Commercial Cleaning.

If you have a commercial space that needs cleaning call us today. 

Apartment Cleaning & House Cleaning.

Do you have guests coming over? We bring all our own supplies. 

Janitorial Cleaning.

We provide regular scheduled janitorial services to any business

Green Cleaning.

We can provide green cleaning services, using eco-friendly products, safe for kids and pets.

Office Cleaning.

Is your office dusty, is garbage piling up? We can help, call us today to get your office cleaned.

Emergency Cleaning Service.

Sewer backup or break in? Guest coming over on short notice?! We can help with any emergency.



Commercial Cleaning in Brandon, Manitoba.

We’re Certified Green Cleaning and if you’re looking for environmentally-friendly cleaning services in Brandon, Manitoba you can trust, look to us.Having your business cleaning by a professional Cleaning Service – it reduces slip and trip hazards, creates a more inviting place for clients, and has been proven to increase employee productivity. We can make your business even more successful with our commercial cleaning and upkeep services.

Janitorial Service in Brandon, MB 

Our Janitorial Services are here to help. Our Janitors can assist with clearing out all the garbage in your building to waxing your floors, we will provide what your business needs to get clean – and stay clean. Our highly trained technicians are trained for your workplace, big or small. Dedicated to eco-friendly products and techniques, we will keep your building clean and safe.

commercial cleaning brandon, manitoba

Office Cleaning 

Do you have office space that would benefit from regular business cleaning services? When it comes to cleaning offices we have you covered. We have office cleaning services that Brandon, Manitoba, businesses can rely on. Our technicians will clean every surface from floor to ceiling, ensuring that you have a serene place in which you can focus. Don’t spend your time cleaning offices; call us for a clean, green solution.

 Emergency Business Cleaning 

We offer 24/7 emergency business cleaning because we know emergencies don’t only happen on a 9-5 schedule. Whether you need someone to clean up the mess from a sewer backup, a break-in, or any other emergency, you can trust us in your time of need.





Residential Cleaning Services 

We do more than just commercial cleaning; we can keep your home tidy, too. Whether you need cleaning every week or every month, our technicians know that your home is your sanctuary and you can trust them to keep your home pristine and healthy.

Green Cleaning 

You want an environmentally friendly cleaning service to keep your home tidy and there are two reasons why: The first is that you care about the planet so you want to make sure the chemicals being used are eco-friendly. The second reason is that kids, elders, and pets can be sensitive to cleaning products that are high in VOCs and other chemicals. Using green cleaning products keeps everyone safe