Best Practices To Establish Restroom Sanitation

Is there a single space that’s more important to keep clean than a public washroom? When your cleaning company fails you, results can be disastrous: the toilets emit an unpleasant smell, the mirrors become smudged, and the floors get covered in footprints and debris. Bathrooms are a high-traffic area where germs can spread like wildfire if kept unsanitary. Regular maintenance of these spaces is critical to prevent odours and uncleanliness. To promote a clean restroom in your public space, try to encourage these practices in your working environment:


Create a cleaning log or checklist. The frequency of cleaning that your restroom needs can depend on the volume of people who use it and the hours your business operates in a given week. By keeping track of each task and the day that it’s completed, you can be confident that the cleanliness of your restroom meets your standards. There will be no doubt about whether some surfaces were missed or certain duties were overlooked. 


Use efficient and environmentally safe products. With the wrong supplies, even the most diligent cleaners will miss smudges and dirt. You want to find cleaning agents that can handle the toughest jobs – but not at the cost of toxic chemicals. Many cleaning products contain harmful compounds that are linked to cancer. One of the most popular bathroom cleaners, Comet, was found to release 146 different chemicals. Save your staff from toxic chemicals by hiring a cleaning team that only uses green products. They are safer for the environment, and won’t release carcinogenic agents like many traditional cleaning products do.


Set a high standard that exceeds expectations. When it comes to restrooms, the level of cleanliness can leave a lasting impression on people who use them. A messy washroom with a prevailing odour will deter people from your business and reduce workplace morale. On the other hand, a sparkling bathroom with gleaming surfaces, polished mirrors, and a pleasant smell will improve how people view your company. Make sure that all the necessities are stocked, including soap dispensaries, paper towels, and toilet paper. 


Prevent cross-contamination. Bathrooms see a variety of visitors on a busy day. That’s why preventing the spread of germs is especially important. High-contact areas like door knobs, sink taps, and toilet seats can allow for cross-contamination if they are not properly disinfected. Cleaning tools should be sanitized in between uses for all surface areas – this includes wipes, brushes, or mops. 


Wear PPE (personal protective equipment). Protecting the health and safety of your staff or clientele is one thing – it’s another to keep your cleaners protected from viruses, too. Your janitorial staff should wear PPE when cleaning restrooms to protect themselves from diseases like COVID-19. Provide gloves and masks for those who clean your restrooms to keep both your staff and your clients safe. 


Hire a reputable cleaning service. To get the job done right, you’ll need a cleaning service that you can trust. Need a hand staying on top of your new regimen? Certified Green Cleaning offers commercial cleaning in Victoria. Our technicians are experienced and prepared to handle even the biggest clean-ups. We only use green products, so that your restrooms will be completely free from harmful chemicals.