Apartment & Condo Building Cleaning Services

Imagine that you’re searching for a new apartment. You’ve just pulled up to the building and stepped inside. But when you look around, you notice dusty windows, dirty tables, and stained floors.

Now, how likely are you to choose that apartment building? Chances are, you’re already looking at another listing.

Tenants are responsible for keeping their individual units clean. But what about the common areas? That responsibility falls on your shoulders. As a property manager, you’ve already got your hands full. You need a professional cleaning team to get the job done.

Keep your residents happy and make a great first impression on new tenants with our commercial cleaning services in Calgary. We’ll create a custom plan for your condo building. Here’s what we have to offer:

Cleaning Services

Why You Need Apartment & Condo Building Cleaning Services

Our technicians can help you maintain a healthy living environment and add more value to your property. The main benefits of our apartment and condo building cleaning services include:

Encourage residents to stay longer

Trying to find new tenants for your condominium building is rarely easy. It typically takes a month or two before you find someone who’s a good fit for your unit. Not only is the process time-consuming, but each month that your building has vacancies, you lose out on income.

You want to encourage your current residents to stay as long as possible. By keeping the common areas clean, you can maintain an attractive living environment for your tenants. Each time they step outside their unit, they’ll notice the clean floors, gleaming windows, and shiny surfaces.

Impress potential tenants

When you’re showing your rental property to others, you can feel confident about the condition of the interior. You’ll be proud to show off the spotless windows and shiny floors. 

A well-kept building shows people that you take the needs of your tenants seriously. It’s a sign that if they have a problem, you’ll be there to tend to it. A clean apartment complex also shows that you care for their safety; you can tell them about your efforts to regularly disinfect the common areas, including door handles, light switches, and elevator buttons.

Prevent accidents

Wet floors can be dangerous. In places like laundry rooms or entranceways, puddles of water may cause residents to slip and fall. With our apartment building cleaning services, we’ll ensure that these areas remain clean at all times.

What We Offer

At Certified Green Cleaning, we’ll create a custom janitorial solution to keep your building in mint condition. You can always adjust the frequency, areas cleaned, and more. Our facility cleaning services include:

  • Common areas. You want to keep the amenities in your apartment building clean. We can help with that. With our commercial cleaning services, we’ll dust the furniture, electronics, or tables in your communal areas. Our floor and carpet cleaning services will keep your floors gleaming and stain-free.  
  • Washrooms. Our janitorial services include extensive restroom cleanings. We’ll change the garbage, wipe the mirrors, polish the sinks, refill the soap dispensers, and disinfect the toilets/urinals. Make your public restroom a safe and sanitary space with our condo building cleaning services.
  • Lobbies. The lobby is one of the first things people see when they enter your property. Maintain a healthy living environment with our entrance cleaning services; we’ll scrub the floors, walls, and any other surfaces.

Why We’re Different

Is there a cleaning product that you prefer? Let our technicians know, and we’ll use it to clean and disinfect your building. If you have condo building residents with sensitivities, we can use our CGC disinfectants and sanitizers. 

As a property manager or building owner, you can spend more time focusing on the needs of your tenants, and we’ll take care of the cleaning. We aim to provide complete customer satisfaction with all of our professional cleaning services. 

Our fully-trained team of cleaning technicians is committed to sustainability, safety, and excellent customer service. We use cleaning techniques with proven results. 

Are your tenants concerned about the spread of viruses in the building? Our CGC disinfectant is approved by Health Canada; it’s shown evidence of use against COVID-19. We can disinfect high touchpoint areas as often as needed to keep your residents safe.

Receive a Custom Quote Today 

Property managers have enough on their plates as it is. To keep your apartment or condo building in top shape, you need our professional cleaning services at Certified Green Cleaning. 

With our highly-trained technicians, affordable rates, and customizable services, we’ll keep your residents happy and your common areas clean. From the entranceways to the recreation rooms, we’ll clean your property from top to bottom. We know that each building has unique needs; we can create a custom plan to tailor your cleaning service.

Ready to see the difference that Certified Green Cleaning makes? To inquire about our apartment and condo building cleaning services, contact us today.