5 Things To Expect From Commercial Cleaning Services

When you hire a commercial cleaner, the number one thing that you expect is a spotless, tidy space. Whether you own an office, shop, or warehouse, your company should have a clean building to give clients the right impression of your business. If you’ve decided to hire a commercial cleaner, great! You’re on the path to success; a clean workspace shows that you are attentive, organized, and professional. The next choice you need to make is which commercial cleaner to hire. Regardless of who you chose, here are some standards you should expect from a cleaning company:

  1. Disinfecting services. COVID-19 is a concern for all businesses in 2020. For facilities to  be open, their location must be safe for staff and customers – this is especially important in high-contact areas like restrooms, office kitchens, and computer desks. You need a cleaning service that uses disinfecting products; they’re a cleaning agent capable of eliminating the virus that causes COVID-19. 
  1. Trained cleaners. Allowing a stranger to enter your workplace and clean fragile items can be intimidating. That’s why you need a cleaning service with trained technicians. You should expect the company to be fully insured so that if any of your property is damaged, it will be covered. 
  1. The use of non-toxic products. As more research comes out, it becomes clearer and clearer how harmful traditional cleaning products are for the environment and humans. These products can irritate the throat, nose, skin, and eyes. This is a big concern for those with asthma and other respiratory illnesses. For the comfort of your clients and staff members, use green products; they don’t contain ingredients that pollute waterways or cause respiratory issues.
  1. Consistency and reliability. The last thing you want is an inconsistent cleaning service. What if your washrooms are cleaned one week, but forgotten the next? Imagine arranging a meeting in a board room that wasn’t cleaned properly – it will give others the wrong impression of your business. In a commercial setting, this can have serious consequences. Some businesses choose to schedule a cleaner to arrive after-hours so as to not disturb employees or customers. If the cleaner shows up early, or at a different time than planned, it can interfere with your business and create an awkward situation. 
  1. Experience. The more experienced a cleaner is, the more confident you can feel that they’ll get the job done right. They will have the expertise to handle unexpected problems and deliver a quality job each time. You need commercial cleaners that can handle all the needs of your commercial space. Look for comprehensive services, like window cleaning, floor washing, and carpet steaming. 

When you hire a cleaning service, you want to trust that they’ll get the job done right. If you’re looking for office cleaning service in Edmonton, call Certified Green Cleaning. Our technicians are trained to perform every job thoroughly and on time. We’re committed to using environmentally-friendly products to protect the environment and our clients.