3 Areas In Your Office That Need Deep Cleaning

Even if your office has a regular cleaning routine, certain spots are often overlooked. That’s why deep cleaning exists – but what is it, exactly? Deep cleaning is a more comprehensive disinfecting regime than what typical cleaning entails. It involves sanitizing spaces that are missed by maintenance crews, which causes a buildup of dust and dirt over time. There are many reasons why your office should include a deep cleaning. One is that dust can trigger allergies, which can make your employees sick and cost you a fortune in lost productivity. Another is to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Surfaces must be disinfected with the correct cleaning solutions to eliminate the virus. To keep your office a safe space, here are the areas that you should have deep cleaned:


  1. The kitchen. From microwaves to coffee pots, the kitchen is an area where everyone interacts. Regular cleaners will wipe down surfaces, but a deep clean will ensure that this space is entirely disinfected. Dishes, fridge handles, and cupboards – nearly every employee in the office will touch these spots to grab their lunch, supper, or a snack. The shelves of the refrigerator where employees store their food should be scrubbed until they shine. High-contact appliances, like the toaster oven or microwave door handles, need to be cleaned with an approved disinfectant. The cupboards and drawers accumulate crumbs and spills over time – these should be emptied and wiped down thoroughly. 


  1. Walls and floors. Fabrics are a magnet for dust – to remove them of allergy-triggering mites, have your carpets and rugs treated and deep cleaned by a professional janitorial team. It will reduce the side-effects of asthma and keep the air smelling fresh. A regular cleaning crew may sweep the floors, but for a true deep clean, the furniture should be moved around so that all surface areas can be disinfected. Don’t forget about baseboards and vents! The walls can become stained and discoloured, especially near desks and appliances. Deep cleaning involves sanitizing areas that most cleaners overlook. When the walls and floors are cleaned to the highest standards, your employees will thank you for it.


  1. The bathroom. Everyone knows how important it is to keep the bathrooms clean. Without janitors, these places often become smelly and unsightly. A deep clean includes the door handles and walls of stalls; the toilet base, bowl, and rim; inside and around garbage or personal hygiene bins; the mirrors and taps; and the areas surrounding urinals and sinks. While these areas may be hard to reach, employees and clients will see (and smell) if they are dirty. Restrooms are an area where many employees go in and out during the day – they’re a high-traffic, high-contact location. To keep your office bathrooms sanitary, have them deep cleaned by a professional company. 


A deep cleaning regime includes disinfecting the spots that most cleaning crews overlook. Maintenance routines aren’t enough to keep up with the new workplace regulations that have been put in place since the outbreak of COVID-19. Looking for professional janitorial companies in London, ON? Certified Green Cleaning has the services that you need to keep your office safe, and your employees healthy.